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  1. don't worry, i'll find it....i mean him, for your girlfriend :laugh:
  2. lol dammit! there's not enough internetz to go around! :mad:
  3. bring it on *****!! i can't wait for the game....and the cowboys first loss! **** the dallas cowboys!
  4. **** the cowboys!!! i can't wait for the skins to hand them their first L of the season next week!
  5. Video where the picture was taken from. http://www.wfaa.com/video/index.html?nvid=282017
  6. i saw an SUV in DC with two redskins flags and two cowboys flags on it. i wanted to throw up. that's like worshiping God and the Devil. **** the cowboys!!
  7. Something I played in my middle school band...
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