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Take two!

The people have spoken and accountability and transparency have won

Only vote once! its not like this determines the presidency so lets just see the actual results people! (this goes for both parties)

So we are less than a week away from the election.

1) I think it would be interesting to see how representative we are of the general populace.

2) We can make it a game and see who comes the closest to guessing exactly how representative we are. So basically guess how far off (or how spot on) this poll will be compared to the actual results.

I say we go atleast 2 decimal points since i'm sure a lot of us will have similar answers.

I will go first and I think we are pretty representative and will be off by 1.45 percent for the winner (obama, of course)

edit: I even put McCain first so you radical conservatives wouldnt complain haha

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Barr '08! If we want real change and real choices, we need to break the two-party stranglehold.

I'm curious to see how the "third party" vote actually divides up as it could have implications for our efforts in the future. Based on ballot access and name-recognition I'm thinking it will go: Barr, Nader, McKinney, Baldwin

There are actually 14 names on the Florida ballot for President and it has already reportedly confused a lot of uninformed voters who were expecting only the two choices fed to them by the media. Dozens of early votes were rejected for picking multiple candidates.

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already voted and went Barr

It's not like your vote really does count what with the stupid college electrol thing.

As I told my friend who thinks I'm wasting my vote:

The only way my vote will affect the outcome of this election is if ALL of the following happen:

a) The candidate I vote for wins

B) The difference between him winning and losing is equal to or less than the number of electoral votes of my state

c) He wins my state

d) He wins my state by one district

e) He wins my district by one vote

And then, you would have to go under the assumption that I'd actually WANT one of the two front-runners in office, because what's the point of making a difference if you don't care about the difference you've made?

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