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Redskins vs saints prediction thread


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Our Defense is at it's best when it knows what the other team's going to do.

We'll let them drive a bit at first, maybe score a TD and a field goal before clamping down and holding them to very little. I think our O will definitely move the ball much more than they did against the Giants, and will score when in the red zone. I think we actually have a red zone offense now that can be consistent... I mean, we actually put Moss in the slot!!

With all that said, I'm thinking:

Redskins 21

Saints 13

And only God knows.

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Saints 14 - Redskins 10

We'll make some progress on O I hope. Two scoring drives? Or at least one drive, and one defensive TD or long return.

Plus we lost to Carolina by about 40, to the Jags by about 20, to the Giants by about 10, so I'm figure half way again this time. :)

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I'll chance my arm and say either 1) The 'Skins lose, and the vitriol causes the board into melt down mode and off the air; or 2) The 'Skins win and those same "members" throwing the b/s, sorry, let's be kind, vitriol, will be proclaiming Zorn as the Messiah, JC as a developing Marino, and a 4th World Champ. on the way.

Oh, for what it's worth, our defense takes Brees and co, and our offense bounces back after thursday against a weak Saints D. 'Skins win. This is OUR house, not the Giant's and a Super Bowl homecoming game.


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I think our offense takes a few steps in the right direction this week, but I have a feeling our D is about to get torched. Watched the Saints game today, and Brees and company have a TON of firepower. This may change later in the week, but for now...

Saints 34

Redskins 17

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they put up 450 yards of O on Tampa, which is a good defense.

you're fooling yourselves if you don't think we need to score more than 20 to win this game.

Good point. The Saints will score a lot this year. JC will have to throw for at least 2 TD's and CP will need to score at least 1 on the ground for us to get by this one.

Skins 24

Saints 21

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After watching all but two teams play this weekend, I think we looked the worst. The rams were a close second worst.

I doubt anyone who thinks we can compete after watching that embarrassing crap thursday night, not after what I saw.

Hope Im wrong!

Saints 38

Skins 10

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