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  1. Yeah, I just watched that. That's too bad, really. I guess we can hope that the players have enough taste to realize how awful they looked on that Monday night.
  2. Last week's Zorn show. Sonny said "for the first time ever" you guys wore burgundy on burgundy. Basically what was that all about? George Michael added that we looked like some North Texas college team or something. Zorn explained that a couple players (26, 89) wanted it and he asked the captains and they didn't care. "So I didn't care." Then he asked Sonny if he had a problem with it. And Sonny without hesitation said "YES, I do." And then got a little serious as he said we have 3 superbowl trophies and in none of those pictures will you see burgundy on burgundy. Zorn kind of smirked and
  3. And even that will be too soon. Loved it when Sonny J lectured Zorn on that.
  4. Search is your friend. We're wearing white jerseys. No announcement on pants.
  5. The uniforms were absolutely hideous in person. Just awful as soon as I saw them in warmups.
  6. No, of course I'm going. That was an exaggeration. But I still hate the Seaskins look. True.
  7. Great :puke: Anyone want my tickets? I think I'll just listen to the radio. :doh:
  8. I'm already thinking if we lose tonight, and I have that god awful loser drive all the way back home on the beltway for 2 hours with a car full of disappointed family... ... at least that would be the silver lining that we got this stupid idea out of our system never to be seen again. Of course, I would still rather have the win. Don't get me wrong.
  9. This is what we're looking at here, just with "burgundy" instead of the dark green/grey. Lovely. :doh: At least #37, #25, and #1 will feel at home.
  10. Some change is good. As long as it's in good taste. But not every change is good. This is just going to look terrible. Seahawks East basically.
  11. So does this go along age lines? Has there been a poll on this? I'm 37 and I think this will look absolutely hideous. I'm seriously extremely disappointed that is happening finally. Seems like younger kids think it will be "tight".
  12. This sucks. What a disappointing start it will be to the game to see them warming up in those. Hopefully we forget about it because they win the game. WORST IDEA EVER. :doh:
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