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  1. Interesting video here from a local NA. I knew someone would step up. http://www.redskins.com/media-gallery/videos/Native-American-Chief-talks-Redskins/152616c5-36d4-45b1-8781-d35e2bd6f8a2
  2. Exactly! This is the argument which will squash it all. It is documented fact the term was used as self-identification for Native Americans. If whites later adopted it as a slur (for a relatively short period of time) it doesn't mean the meaning of the word changed forever. If we start calling words offensive just because of the way a few people choose to use them, we need to get rid of the words homosexual, lesbian, white people, blacks, Asian, Mexican, Korean, democrat, republican, politician, police officer......on and on. I guarantee I could use any of those words in a sentence in such a w
  3. Sorry, just messing with everyone. Trying to take our minds of the misprints.
  4. Just got mine! and a misprint is an understatement!! I'm upper level but they sent me LL!!!!!
  5. I've had ST for 4 years now. The first season, I was in either 411 or 412 and was then moved to the last row of 401. This is my second move in the same section. You should call the TO and see what you can negotiate.
  6. Just got mine! Stayed in section 401 ( I love this section). Went from row 18 seats 21,22 to row 11 seats 15,16. Comes to an extra $330 but I'm happy with it. Will look to go LL in 4-5 years.
  7. I remember that feeling all too well! Good luck.
  8. Maybe wishful thinking on my part but i'm hoping they start the UL upgrages near the 50 yard line on the home side. A few years back I went from the dead center of the end zone to section 401. I thought that was a pretty good upgrade. I'm staying in that section but trying to move down. Anyone have any ideas on where upgrades in the UL would start?
  9. Ahhhh. Gotcha. Foot traffic and hand rails. We'll see what I get (if I get an upgrade) Thanks again.
  10. [/color] Thanks for the info. I'm assuming foot traffic blocks the view from the areas you mentioned?
  11. I'm in section 401 and chosed to upgrade to the lowers rows of that section. Maybe I'll get yours!
  12. Paid the invoice in full about a week ago. I'm in section 402 row 18 and asked to be upgraded to rows 1-15. I paid $1400 for 2 seats. It will stay in the same section, right? how much more should this run me?
  13. So the our online accounts are not being updated? I guess I need to call the TO.
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