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  1. They will find it deeply disturbing, stare deeply at the wall in contemplation then wait two Trump news cycles for everyone to forget.
  2. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-muslim-travel-ban-illegal-un-rights-chief-a7552991.html
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-muslim-ban-leaders-lawyers-file-lawsuit-challenge-order-constitutional-bigotry-faith-a7550551.html Lawsuit being filed, clear violation of the 1st amendment establishment clause. Full explanation here: https://www.aclu.org/sites/default/files/field_document/aclu-trump-memos.pdf Families being torn apart, and it wouldn't solve a damn thing even if enacted.
  4. Activate Blair and have him put 6 hard ones on that little **** Teague Undercut Wall on his drive in G1, 5 fractures essentially his doing. Twice trying to dirty Beal in Game 3. Lowry and Teague sucked so much ass that they have to resort to bush league shenanigans. Pre-teen looking trash and the most out of shape point guard I've ever seen.
  5. The redskins deserve nothing in the form of attention until that rat is out of the front office.
  6. Yea I'd be on the release temple side of things, backcourt depth might be a little thin but I agree that Temple would likely still be there if we need him. Getting rid of blair would be premature and Gooden can be productive in limited minutes and provide high energy should an injury happen or if he just happens to be getting more minutes that particular night.
  7. It would be irrational to release Butler considering his shooting stroke right now. Temple doesn't provide much, Blair provides even less but the fact that he is in Wittman's doghouse right now definately plays a large role in that. I don't think Gooden is immune either.
  8. Evan Turner is garbage, the Celtics are garbage. Each of the last two games the Celtics relied on red-hot 3 pt shooting to stay in the game, they don't have any offense they just have these assholes chucking shots with the hope that some of them get hot, then they become the starters for the game.
  9. It's hard to gauge the authenticity here, this happens way too often for it to be surprising and it's often hard to judge who is lying. Rape is a horrible thing but to deny that women lie interminably to get money from male celebrities would be naive.
  10. It's a done deal in my eyes, the way he's answering those questions, the only thing that may change that is if OKC wins a championship.
  11. Irving is not a better overall player then wall. He is a better offensive player in terms of scoring but Wall has him beat in ball handling, speed, defense, and passing ability.
  12. If he is supposed to be competing for "GOAT" then this is a game where he puts the team on his shoulders and dominates the opponent. He may not be the only reason they are losing, but he is the reason they are not winning.
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