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Redskins vs saints prediction thread


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After watching all but two teams play this weekend, I think we looked the worst. The rams were a close second worst.

I doubt anyone who thinks we can compete after watching that embarrassing crap thursday night, not after what I saw.

Hope Im wrong!

Saints 38

Skins 10

It's splitting hairs, but I wouldn't call us the worst. The Rams were definitely worse, as were the Bengals-- Palmer threw for UNDER 100 yards for crying out loud.

The 49ers were pretty bad, and here's the biggest one I noticed:

The Jags offense was awful. That is a team many people are picking to WIN the Super Bowl-- it looked like it would take them 6 games to score 2 TD's. Not good for a team returning it's staff and core.

The Jags, Bengals, and Rams all had FEWER total yards than we did-- if you can believe that.

I think Jax should sit Garrard :)

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I think our offense takes a few steps in the right direction this week, but I have a feeling our D is about to get torched. Watched the Saints game today, and Brees and company have a TON of firepower. This may change later in the week, but for now...

Saints 34

Redskins 17

We are going to see just why we should have boosted our defense this year. Our corners will get torched, and who can contain Bush?


Skins 27----> I think the Skins will open up on offense.

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31-27 Skins (if Campbell gets adequate protection from the O-line). The Saints secondary is TERRIBLE even with Jason David now on the bench. Vilma shored up their linebacking but the Skins just have to protect Campbell and the Skins can win.

While our secondary is by no means even good, it is far better than last year. Additionally our front 4 is getting way more pressure on the QB. I would expect alot of blitzing this week and I would expect campbell to throw a couple of picks as a result.We should win this game,but Im a Saints fan, and history has taught me that we tend to lose the games we should win, so for that reason I am a little concerned. Oh and Colston being out doesnt help our situation. Granted Brees spreads the ball around, and Colston only had 3 receptions Sunday, but he drew alot of coverage off of others. Good luck Sunday here is to no further injuries.:cheers:

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