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Shark photographed jumping over surfers


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Shark photographed jumping over surfers

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- A Central Florida photographer captured a one-in-a-million photo of a shark jumping out of the water near the heads of surfers.

Photographer Kem McNair snapped the photo of the black tip shark jumping out of the water near the surfers in the waters off New Smyrna Beach. The men were seemingly oblivious to the shark's presence.

McNair said the University of Florida wants to use his picture as the cover for a study on shark bites in the area.

So far, there have been 12 bites in New Smyrna this year.

Click on the link for the picture

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It's a pretty shark infested area around that beach- shallow, murkier water, with a lot of sandbars off shore that can trap fish. I've gone there a lot to chill at the beach with friends and go sea kayaking, and heard more than a few stories of people seeing sharks while out in the water.

In fact, at the pool I used to work at in Orlando (as New Smyrna is about 45 minutes away from Orlando), a 10 year old boy on the swim team I helped coach had a quarter of his calf ripped out by a spinner shark while playing on a sandbar with his dad at that beach. Needless to say I'm not much of a fan of going in the water there, even in the kayaks.

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does florida have the most shark bites in the world?

it has to have the most in america at least..every time i turn around some beach is closed and someone is bit.

The most reported attacks information:

1. The USA has the highest incidence of shark incidents in the world but one of the reasons for this is the large amount of recreational marine activity that goes on in the region.

Florida is worst affected with around 60% of all cases in the country; the entire east coast has a growing problem with aggressive sharks. California follows at around 15%.

2. Africa

3. Central and South America

4. Australia and the Pacific Islands


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