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  1. I see a lot of people are high on Humphries and what he could bring to the table. Now i'm not so smart as most of you when it comes to Xs and Os,(or in general most likely) but I don't like the idea of keeping him over some of the younger guys like Cam Sims, AGG or Harmon. I know he's not old, but a couple years on those guys. Also, if things go like we all hope they do, Humphries would be at best the #4 WR. How much production does a #4 generally have. if our #4 is going to produce like a typical one does, then I'd rather see that from one of the younger guys that could potentially develop in
  2. I don't have a problem with Sweat's hesitancy. But like some other's said, his explanation doesn't really make sense. If i recall correctly, the reason Sweat was available at the end of the first round was because of an apparent existing heart issue. I don't remember whether the heart thing was inaccurate or if it was just determined it wouldn't affect him. if he does have something, no matter how small, i can't blame him for being cautious
  3. Seems like Fitz is forever the starting QB that fans are happy to have while simultaneously hoping he gets beat out by the 2nd stringer.
  4. Is the Terry McLaurin draft thread to far back? Trying to see some of the initial reactions to drafting him but nothings coming up in the search.
  5. Means needs to get paid. In my opinion, his value right now goes well beyond what he does on the mound. We've got several high potential pitching prospects in the minors and i cant think of a better person for those guys to learn from. Especially another lefty like DL Hall, who stuck out 10 in 4 1/3 to start of Bowie's season.
  6. The code it threw was for the cam shaft. When they pulled the sensors out they were covered in metal shavings
  7. Not sure if this is the right place for this but here it goes. My brother just bought a 2015 4 cylinder mustang with 80k from a dealership in manassas. Paid $20k, it's for his daughter. Daughter had the car for less than a month and put under 2k miles on it when the engine blew. Unfortunately, he bought the car "as is" so we're pretty sure he's screwed and will have to pay to replace the engine. But I wanted double check with my guys on here and see if there's any course of action he can take.
  8. I think Pigrome can be a big play guy. Wonder if they'll move him to WR or find some other way to get him on the field.
  9. We expecting anyone who hasn't already given a verbal to commit today(uncommitted/flips). I saw we flipped a guy from VT.
  10. Owings MD has an Easy St that used to get stolen a lot
  11. The most offensive and insulting part of this whole debate has been lead plaintiff Suzan Harjo. First she claims the opinion of native Americans who aren't offended don't matter, now she questions whether the poll participants are even native American.
  12. Duh guys. It's not actually a brick wall. It's a super close up picture of Su'a Cravens
  13. So Haskins has been rumored for a while but I feel like Jones possibly leaving came out of nowhere. Any other flip rumors of there?
  14. Ha. The biggest thing I hated about Russell was he was non committal on every GD thing he said. Every opinion he had he would say something to give himself an out if he was wrong. If you think a player sucks, just say you think he sucks, and suck it up if you're wrong.
  15. also doubt many girls would find it romantic to find a ring in their Sierra Mist
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