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Why isn't it a felony to put a TP roll on the spinner upside-down?


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That's it. I just lost two minutes of my life to yet another ill-fated wrestling match with quilted squares pointed towards the imaginary bathroom patrons who cleanse themselves whilst lying on the floor. I've had it with trying to finagle a steady stream of toilet paper from a roll that pulls from the bottom because some ignoramus installed the new roll upside-down. It always tears too soon. Always.

Toilet paper should come from the top. It's simple science. I've heard rumors that, much like the Japanese soldiers on far-away islands who still believed WWII was going on in the 60's, there are still a few pockets of humanity who prefer the bottom-up method. Come out and defend yourselves. This practice must be stopped.

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Toilet paper should always be mounted overhand, so it rolls over the top and is therefore in the most convenient place for you to reach it. It's basic ergonomics. Who the hell wants to reach down and underneath the roll, when the TP could be right there for you to grab?

I mean, do you take the most-used items in your kitchen and place them in the back of the cabinets so they're more inconvenient to reach?

Underhand TP mounting is ridiculous and pointless, unless you own cats -- in which case it's a tragic but unavoidable necessity.

So unless you're a crazy cat lady, overhand is the way to go.

Are you a crazy cat lady?

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