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Dummies lining up in the cold for $230 Air Jordans


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People line up to get limited edition Air Jordans

Only 23 pairs being sold at 23 stores in the U.S.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 01/24/08

Reggie Roberts, 22, of Atlanta set up camp outside Walter's clothing store in downtown Atlanta at 9 a.m. Wednesday. By lunch time Thursday, he and two dozen others lined the sidewalk along Decatur Street waiting for Nike's new Air Jordans to go on sale Friday morning.

"It's cold out here, really cold," said Roberts, who was at the front of the line. "But I want these shoes. I gotta have these shoes. We're making history."

The theme here is 23. This is the 23rd edition of the wildy popular shoes. Only 23 pair will be sold at 23 stores nationwide — Atlanta and Miami are the only cities in the Southeast — and they cost $230. If you haven't guessed, Michael Jordan, the shoes' namesake, wore No. 23.

"Nike knows how to market something, don't they?" joked Jeff Steinbook, owner of Walter's, the only Georgia store selling the shoes.

The group lined up outside his store was a mix of 20-something Michael Jordan fans, middle-aged professionals — even a minor league baseball player and his wife — all bound by a love of Air Jordans.

"We're like a family," said David Kawar, 25, who drove in from Tallahassee for the event.

Vince Shields, 45, a financial analyst from Stone Mountain, took off two days from work. He said he planned to add the new Air Jordans to his collection of 75 or so sneakers.

"It's cold out here, but this is the hottest place in town," Shields said Thursday as a relaxed under a blanket in a tailgate-style chair.

Will Startup, 23, who has played for Atlanta Braves minor league teams in Richmond and Rome, lounged in a lawn chair alongside his wife, Lauren. Each sported UGA toboggans, gloves and lots of blankets.

"I see Air Jordans as art," the baseball player from Cartersville said. "We have had them in our china cabinet before, I'm not going to lie."

His wife of two years was there for support. And a new pair of shoes.

"I want something to show for all of this," Lauren Startup said.


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I payed over $900 bucks on 3 jerseys of players no longer here. I guess I am in the same boat.

should remind you that:

A. Never buy current players jersey's unless they have signed an extension (Cooley)

B. Don't pay $300 on a jersey when a $50 fake on ebay looks more than good enough (authentic style, or $20 fake replica next to the stadium).

I honestly do not know how people justify paying that much on jerseys.

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I used to think paying that much for tennis shoes was pretty absurd. But everybody has their interests, and some people dig shoes. Can't knock 'em for that.


Are we knocking people for waiting in line? If so, it's no different from people waiting in line for Star Wars, PS3, or even for a Redskins autograph.

Are we knocking them for spending so much on shoes? No different from spending too much money on a car, watch, or house.

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I'll never understand the fascination with shoes. Shoes ultimately serve as the barrier between your feet and the ground which contains used bubblegum, dirt and urine in public restrooms. I can't see the point in spending so much on something that is used for such a mundane purpose. And don't go telling me about how they're basketball shoes--I don't think most people would use these special edition Jordans on the court down the street.

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Again, if any of you have ever spent money on jerseys, then you need not talk. If you can't understand why people enjoy shoes so much that's fine. For you, you may feel like it's not worth it, or feel that you can get knockoffs that accomplish the same thing for you, that's fine ... for you. But I can tell you, there are definitely people out there who look at their shoes as a piece of art, some even have a nostalgic value for them.

Nike has definitely been one of the pioneers in sneaker fashion and culture, even though they are one of the younger sneaker makers out there. They've done a great job of coming out with styles that capture the style of the times.

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