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  1. Well, Vinny Cerrato did admit in post-draft quotes that he did make some calls about trading up for Mark Sanchez. That means if the price was right, he was willing to do it. Who do you think they would have taken at #13 if Mark Sanchez and Brian Orakpo were still available?
  2. Unfortunately, it does it when I start my car, too. Thanks, I'll probably be doing that sometime soon.
  3. It sounds like the fan in the dash in the vents, despite having turned everything off and no air blowing out. It sounds like when I'm defrosting the windshields. If there's going to be a long-term consequence, that's gonna be another headache. If it doesn't really matter, I don't care. Thanks for the help.
  4. I recently had an AC leak repaired. Things were fine for a couple weeks. Lately, I've noticed it sounds like the fan is on when I have the AC off, but no air is blowing out. What is that?
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