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the "tom collins effect"


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The todd collins effect runs deep in this organization.

Really i shouldn't blame it all on the collins situation, hes just one of the examples of how this organization is ran.

Having collins on the sqaud means the team isn't building a champion- it's standing around jacking off and waiting for someone to come over and tell him how cool they is

Who's mentally tough enough to give max effort all year for a team going nowhere? -- CP - probobly not- and not many others either.

collins has absolutely no chance of helpng this team win now or at any time in the future. keeping him is like a high school coach playing his 130 pound son at quarterback to make daddy happen. NFL players want to feel that they are past those things. When players realize that politics is more important than competition- it's over.

There may the 100 other political things the team feels, and the politics is never what completely decides the game but it does have an effect.

At any level of football you need the same things to be good, very good, or great-

- top level athletes

-top level tough guys

- competition

-the team has some elite NFL athletes (portis, taylor, likely landry, moss) - adding to this group over the next few years could be exciting to see.

-im not confident in the tough guy factor on this team- the team that contols the action around the line of scrimmage cancels out some of the other teams skill. Sadly, i see this happening more to us than by us.

-competition is the thing that scares me. the collins effect sometimes drags the portis's down to the level of the rest of the guys- the standouts have to be standouts and sometimes they're not when they dont have to be.

A team needs to keep moving foreward in the best intrest of truelly getting better, and you either are or you aren't.

Im do not believe the team is headed in the direction of a championship right now but i still see (or just want to) the organization on the brink of wanting to get good.

I think there may be too many idiots on the same boat who all think they're the captain. - we are spinning around in circles

I say scrap out the suits

put a new dozen with our top dozen- see ya brunell and anybody else getting paid who cant kill it now

work on the rest steadily- and,

you heard it here first


- Washington Redskins

- Urban Meyer

- Casey Bramlet

oh dang it,cant happen beause of the tom collins effect

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Todd Collins knowledge of Saunder's complicated, 700-page playbook might be helping just a bit. He and Brunell are teaching aspects of the game to Campbell that are invaluable, such as playbook knowledge and game management.

I would venture to say most teams in the NFL wouldn't win many games if their third string QB was playing. The third string QB rarely sees the field, if ever. So is it more important for the third QB who likely won't see the field at all that season to be young with upside, or to be a veteran with experience? A valid case could be made for either. It really comes down to team philosophy. I will say this though, most teams in the NFL have a veteran as either their second or third QB. The Patriots, the media darlings, have Vinny Testaverde as their third QB.

With the exception of Rocky McIntosh, generally the past three years whichever player deserved to start, did. GW is a bit conservative and doesn't start rookies right away, but his defense has been one of the best two of the last three years. In '06, Rocky was the rookie, but had he started, he probably wouldn't have made enough of an impact to put the D in the top 10 that year. Golston started, Prioleau beat out Archuletta (who had a big contract) and was starting ahead of him, Pierce, Marshall and Clark were all given the opportunity to start though they came almost from nowhere, Randle El was starting over Lloyd near the end of the season, etc. So it's kind of hard to argue having veterans like Todd Collins is preventing a lot of young guys who can make an impact from getting on the field when we are generally giving the young guys opportunities. You could try to argue Ramsey should have started over Brunell, but Mark has had a solid passer rating all three years, low interception totals, and led us to the playoffs when Ramsey was re-benched.

Really what has been stopping this team is that when the offense clicks the defense falters, and especially vice versa. Our D has had some major additions and improvements this offseason, and should be able to return to being a top 10 unit, or at least top 15. The offense has developed a solid run game. Play-making receivers, one of the best TEs and FBs in the league, and JCs poise and scrambling abilities should mean our offense will be even more improved this season. Teams turn it around every year. It's very possible our D just had an off year, especially when you look at what they've done previously, and consider the injuries they faced last season.

So all in all, the team is faced in the right direction. That shouldn't really be questioned as long as Joe Gibbs is still in charge. And having veterans isn't a bad thing, especially not when they are occupying positions that rarely see the field, yet allow said player to teach knowledge and experience gained to the younger players.

Why the smear campaign on Collins by the way? Did he steal your morning paper and kick your dog on the way back?

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For some reason, the idea of a glass of Tom Collins under center really makes me laugh.

"Here comes the snap and OH NO! FUMBLE!"

"Such poise, he really stays cool in the pocket"

"SACK! Tom has been spilled all over the field. This is a sad day in football, my friends"

"15 yard penalty - unsportsmanlike conduct on #23 for drinking the opponent"

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Having collins on the sqaud means the team isn't building a champion-

Do you realize that Gibbs has already announced that the team is only going to keep one of the veteran QBs this year? So if Brunell is recovered from his surgery then "Tom" is gone, which pretty much blows up your ridiculous theory.

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this thread should be titled the mark brunell "effect"

you are probobly right- i meant to mention that, and certainly dont want to over blow the collins thing.

brunells salary space is putting the future on hold

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Why is everyone bashing TGC's thread? We don't know if we are going to have 2 old farts when we start the season (no matter what Gibbs said, you know people change their mind alot in this biz). We might cut our young talent instead of looking to the future of the organization. And to the poster that stated that Bramlet won't be anything in the NFL, I'm sure that alot of people said the same thing about Johnson, Dilfer, Brady, Delhomme, Warner, and the list goes on....

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Urban Meyer and Casey Bramlett. WoW I have heard everything. I guess he'll be handing off to the CFL MVP from 2008? Or maybe the Arena League SuperBowl (or whatever they call it) Defensive Player of the Game can come in and be that game-breaking cornerback we need to get us over the edge! This is the dumbest thread Ive ever seen started. Todd Collins is as good or better than the Patriots', Colts', Chargers', or Sains' 3rd string quarterback.

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