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  1. I hope we dont use the mustard pants....I always hated those. Burgundy pants would be nice though.
  2. I dont understand why everyone thinks of Spurrier with the 70th anniversary unis....I know he was the coach then but he had nothing to do with the unis....That was all Danny and commercialism....I like the unis in spite of my dislike for Danny's mgmt style, or lack thereof, and Spurrier not understanding about defense.
  3. 3CardMonte, Could you photoshop that helmet in gold instead of yellow....like the 70th unis I bet that would look great....I may be wrong....but it would be interesting to see.
  4. I dont like the feather helmet or R as it is but they have possibilities. The "indian" head is a stupid looking comic book "indian". True Indians come from India. (Don't get me started on that subject though... I will go overboard.) I like the spear helmet, though a round shield with crossed spears would be nice (or a raven/eagle/cowboy on a spear would be nice too...lol). get rid of DRY (Dark Red and Yellow) unis and use burgundy and gold for once.
  5. Agreed. I love the burgundy on burgundy look and the white on white look but use the same colors for both and make them a true burgundy and a true gold....not a DRY(dark red and yellow) scheme. Burgundy pants and white jersey might look great. The yellow pants we can do without forever. I always hated them.
  6. I want both top and bottoms to be a real B&G not Dark Red and Yellow(DRY)
  7. Never ever shall gold pants rear their ugly head in DC again!!!! ...or that is my prayer
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