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  1. I get you. I love my country, but I don't think highly our president. I still root for our greatness. The struggle I'm having is the part where I remember this is entertainment. I'm directly supporting a monster, for entertainment. I don't judge anyone for *not* having that struggle, and I bet there's a part of you that *is* having that struggle. Dwayne Haskins throwing a touchdown has little to do with Dan Snyder's personal sins. I'm still trying to find a way to support this team, but Snyder is making it extremely difficult for me.
  2. I am a fan. Not much can change that. When an owner is this repugnant of a person, it is now getting to the point where I may have to change that. That's why I think the NFL might actually do something this time. If *I* am nearly willing to call it quits, then maybe the NFL will be as well. This is disgusting.
  3. A company always saves the domain name. washingtonredtails.com and washingtonwarriors.com are both still available. washingtonredwolves.com is not. Hail to the Redwolves, my friends!
  4. Everything you said was good insight, except this. Why did we start hearing that Gregg Williams badmouthed Joe Gibbs, so that's why he didn't get the job? Why did he have to try and embarass Jim Zorn on his way out?
  5. I like Gruden. Manusky is the problem. Just awful. Guys shouldn't get confused as often as his defense does.
  6. They said he was the top special teamer on their board. ST is also really underrated.
  7. I am honestly glad he's not a runner. It means he had to use his brain and QB skills to be that good. Runners tend to rely on that skill, which works great until you face a playoff opponent that knows to put a spy on you or something.
  8. I wouldn't want to move it. I would want to take its content and make a slick website out of it. And in fact, *I* would not want to do that part, either. That's why I started this thread.I think it'd be easier to understand why this is a good idea if you could see the pictures randomized, the way I'm looking at them. It's incredible.
  9. Nobody has the quality and cleanliness of the own3d thread. www.randompics.net is *close* to what I want to visit, but again the quality of images is not as high. Honestly, all I want is randompics.net but with better pictures and a rating system. Maybe I should just tell them to use the own3d thread's images instead of their crappy collection... ---------- Post added May-24th-2012 at 07:47 PM ---------- I can't stress this enough: I don't want to build or maintain this website. I just want to give somebody my 4GB of pictures so I can look at a hilarious website.That being said, the ES r
  10. Also, it'd be cool if it could be hosted by extremeskins.com. It could be extremeskins.com/own3d.html or something. Then maybe the mods could get some ad revenue or something for their work. Another thing - there should be a comments section for each picture. ---------- Post added May-24th-2012 at 07:34 PM ---------- I don't care if you take the images and make a money-generating website with ads or something. *I* will not be paying anybody. My part in this would be the idea and giving somebody the images that I scraped. I just want to visit this website that exists in my head, so I c
  11. So I LOVE the OWN3D thread. It's way funnier than other image websites, because a ton of people have spent tons of time uploading tons of great images to try to top one another. It's also way cleaner than other image websites, because we've got mods who did a good job keeping out the garbage. Since the quality of the content is so high, I started out with aspirations to scrape the image locations off the thread and make a web page. I wrote some code to go through the thread and download images. I now have about 15,000 pictures, totalling about 4 gigabytes. I can't tell you how incredible
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