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How Long Will It Be Before Brunell is Starting Again in '07?


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We all know it will happen as soon as Campbell goes through a rough patch. Mark Brunell's story is not finished in Washington. You'll see. He's going to come in and lead the team to the Super Bowl and prove Coach Gibbs was right all along. So the question is, how long will it take before Joe gives Mark back his rightful spot as the Redskins starter?

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Welcome back AJ skins, did you finially give up on Ramsey starting for the B & G?? Steve Czaban was saying last week the old number 8 car will come out of the garage for sure this year, he said there is no way Gibbs wont find a way to put him back in a game. I think its all horse**** and Campbell will be starting the entire year and is going to turn into a stud. If Campbell gets hurt thats the only way the number 8 car will get back on the track, if not I believe Campbell will finish the year. Give it up AJ...

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I think it will be sometime before week 4. If Campbell struggles, he'll get a few games, but that's it. Brunell will go back in as a "temporary measure" to "give Jason some time to think about his mistakes". Gibbs will then be amazed by how great Brunell is after he goes 25/30 for 15 yards, and decide to let him play out the year because after all, he has to do what's best for the team.

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well, I can't argue with that. WE have done something like that before.

Believe me, we all agree that Brunell's stay was waaaaay too long but Ramsey is not the answer.

Uh...I have not said a word about Ramsey. He's been gone for two years. Besides, my point all along was simply that something was not right...that Gibbs was not playing the best player, but rather was determined to play Brunell at all costs. People tried to shut me down by throwing a bunch of cheesy schoolyard "Ramsey fan" taunts my way, but it was and always has been about Brunell.

And there is now no one who can argue that I was wrong. Mark my words, Brunell will play again this year.

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