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  1. I heard that, when Jerry Coleman "broke" the story. The format of the show should have the Homer and the Hater so they can point-counterpoint each other.
  2. I enjoyed those games on the N64. The WWF one was good. Being Road Dogg and Mr. Ass.
  3. I'm thinking of something like an off-white, maybe egg shell. Perhaps with some magenta or honeydew.
  4. I bet the picture you posted will be the home jersey, with the other ones for the road depending on what the other team wears. The patch will be on all.
  5. I'm alittle surprised they still haven't really shown anything besides that Jerseyjoe thing that popped up for a bit.
  6. hahaha, that was an old logo of theirs. I had a roomie who had a tshirt with that guy on it in the mid-90's. It was a throwback then.
  7. Yep. For all we know, he was Hallucinating big time.
  8. I would have expected something by now. Camp is only a few weeks away
  9. it seems they are trying to get a lot of matches in tonight. Also, they keep featuring guys that aren't super ripped. Like Jeff Hardy, Umaga and Sandman.
  10. Tonight they'll just pretend nothing happened. They are probably still working on new storylines. More Cena stuff I'm sure.
  11. and this.