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RIP to Andre Waters

Big Weirdo

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He killed himself yesterday. Could possibly be the worst day in Philly sports history.


It didn't say anything about suicide - is that true?

Terribly sad. I didn't know he was from Belle Glade, FL. At one time it was one of the poorest areas in the country with the highest HIV-rate as well.

He was a dirty sob, but he definitely played with heart.

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A very touching tribute by Phil Sheridan of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

There was real pain in Andre Waters' voice.

This was April. Waters was on his cell phone, driving a carload of at-risk teenagers to a barbershop and then on to a barbecue place. He was working with court-adjudicated youths, but still trying desperately to get back into the one business he knew best.

"I love the kids, I really do," the former Eagles safety said that day, just six months before he apparently took his own life. "But football, that's where I believe I have the most to offer. I just can't get a chance."

Waters, 44, died early yesterday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He took with him the answer to the only question - Why, Andre, why? - worth asking. He may have given at least part of an answer in that nearly three-hour phone conversation in April.

click below for full article:


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