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  1. Number5

    **** the Cowboys

    I'm with you....but to an extent. The way I see it, it's not hatin', I was reminded by Dock that our good friend, WB is banned because of his mouth. I don't want the same to happen to you lil bro...... And I don't like the team, but I don't hate them, that's a strong I don't like my ex wife's boyfriend, but I hate my ex wife......see what I mean? Anyways, I gotcha back, but when you steer the wrong path, know that someone is there to set you straight on the road...... :2cents:
  2. Number5

    **** the Cowboys

    Well instead of making a F*** Dallas post, maybe you should make a Vikings or Seahawks thread like you said. This only will draw more attention to the Pukes....and even worse, someone might complain about it.
  3. Number5

    **** the Cowboys

    What Are You Trying To Get Banned????!!?!!!???!!!!!