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  1. DixieFlatline

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    This is working for me and I have NFL Network on as well. They have been showing a decent amount of the Skins game with Live Look Ins.
  2. DixieFlatline

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Kent Hrbek...that still riles me up.
  3. DixieFlatline

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    2 outs in the 9th. Ground ball between 2nd and 1st. 1st baseman fields it and throws to Galarraga (the pitcher). He catches it and tags bag before the runner. Ump calls him safe. Next batter is out for a 1 hitter. It wasn't a full step difference, but it wasn't too bang bang either.
  4. DixieFlatline

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Wow....that ump better go home with a police escort. That was really really bad
  5. DixieFlatline

    Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

    Awesome quotes! I love the one about Bugel flipping off the other coach.
  6. DixieFlatline

    Random Therapy Thread

    Bummed I missed Modern Family tonight. But I did see USA soccer tie the game with 15 seconds left and win CONCAF
  7. DixieFlatline

    Random Therapy Thread

    Does Jennifer Aniston like balding guys in decent shape that like to drink and smoke cigars?
  8. DixieFlatline

    Random Therapy Thread

    My dogs' farts stink
  9. DixieFlatline

    Random Therapy Thread

    Jessica Biel is that. Jennifer Grey and Lea Thompson are hot in Red Dawn.
  10. DixieFlatline

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    This is going to be the calendar year for my DIY projects. Last fall was painting some rooms inside. Then pulling up some parquet and replacing it with laminate hardwoods. Currently, I'm experimenting with laying down sod in the backyard in some major bare spots. First I had to lay from French drains to divert water where the rivers flowed. I've got a 20'x15' planted now using some garden gates to keep the dogs off it. If this works I'll slowly expand it out. One question for the landscapers out there. My front yard gets some morning sun, but that's about it. Its pretty shady. Over the years I've had varying success growing grass. Usually moss takes over even though I lime it pretty well. If I were to kill the grass, disc it up, and sod it will the chance of moss lessen? Just wondering since the moss seems to hold off until there are some bare spots from the new grass not surviving. I'll also try tackling the painting of my house this year. Probably be a slow process.
  11. DixieFlatline

    Random Therapy Thread

    Are there any holly trees in Hollywood?
  12. DixieFlatline

    Random Therapy Thread

    Ran across this thread and hadn't seen it before. Couldn't stop laughing so felt it deserved a bump. My thought is one of my favorites from Jack Handy If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."