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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Always been a fan of these:


Eh, better than talking about picking up players that aren't being offered or free agents who aren't. *shrugs*


I have always been a fan of the spear myself

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Dang. Drive by thread starting. Welcome to the board NoVAskinfan22. Being a new member, you may not have seen the ongoing discussion about the latest in Redskins game fashion. Be aware though, it can be tough to keep up in that cutthroat,fast paced world of Redskins uniform fashion.

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I like the white shirts/burgundy pants combo. It's cool to switch up every now and then, but I like the tradition of the home team wearing white jerseys. American football is one of the only sports where the home team wears the colored jersey. Soccer, baseball, basketball... most all the teams in these sports wear home whites.

I think the 'Skins have the best looking unis in the league, and would be pretty distraught to see a change. Throwbacks are fine once in a while, but stick with what's been working since the 80's!

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sorry if this was already posted, but now that we have new coaching staff and everything, is there any chance that we will be wearing the burgundy unis at home and white away??

(because wasnt it gibbs who kinda 'started' the whole thing bout wearing white home and birgundy away??)

i may sound dumb:(, but im just tossing this out there cuz im curious,lol

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]']Its a pretty good question' date=' really. I forgot about that. I hope we wear the burgundy jerseys a little bit more than last season. I'd want them for the opener, but I think NY likes to wear their Blues at home.[/quote']

yeah sometimes even those red ones

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Since it has been almost 30 years since we have had a uniform change, I for one would love to see the skins in different unis.

Burgandy shirts with gold pants. Not to look like the 70's unis, but a more modern form of the old unis.

nah, the ones they have are fine, i just want to see more of the burgundy unis....if any kinda change at all, the other one i really like is the 70th anny uni.....but thats not the point, i was jsut wondering if its possible we would be seeing mroe burgundy than white this yr....and if it was gibbs who started it?

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