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  1. A year or two ago, someone posted a uniform design that I really liked. It had a feather down the side of the pants. Thought that was really cool and modern. But since we don't have those unis and I am an old school guy....give me the Gold pants. Love em.
  2. Yes it was Gibbs who started the white home jersies back in about 1979 when he took over. I think he did it because the cowgirls used their whites for home. He was very stubborn about this too. That is why the unis have been the way they are since '79. All Buragndy.....no thank you. All white.....no thank you. Black.....no thank you.
  3. Since it has been almost 30 years since we have had a uniform change, I for one would love to see the skins in different unis. Burgandy shirts with gold pants. Not to look like the 70's unis, but a more modern form of the old unis.
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