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  1. I've been wondering if there are others other than myself who are hoping that we don't give up on Keith Marshall. I know that he's injury prone, but he has a collection of skills that no other back (other than Thompson) on our current roster offers.
  2. Yeah, although Cook was my favorite back I knew we had no shot at selecting him. Therefore, I was wishing that we would maybe select my second favorite in the second round, (Kamara).
  3. I just drop $20.00 at NFL.com every season for peace of mind. That way I know that I'm going to see every preseason game and that they are going to run smoothly. That affects viewing at NFL.com?
  4. I am watching the Patriots Jaguars game from last night after having joined the site you provided, It's working beautifully. Our game is scheduled for the correct time, so all I have to do is click "watch" at that time and I'm in buisness.Poor Gabbert got terrorised last night.
  5. Thanks Mark. I sure hope that Kemo can eat up/occupy just as much space now as when he was 380lbs. Although he did say that he did play better at a lesser weight. Didn't he? The weight loss is probably beneficial coming back from that horrific injury also.
  6. Does anyone know if it's true that Kemoeatu weighed 380lbs when he played for the Panthers? I'm trying to find info on it now, but I always seem to get answers faster here.
  7. Not really sure what your point is...they are winning. At least they have something to cheer about right now.:mad:
  8. Sorry if this seems ridiculous, but I have never used this link before; I was just at http://www.justin.tv/soilxtreme11 and I saw last weeks channels and games. How can I tell if tonights game will be on there? Thanks.
  9. This is unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nearly game time and there are thunderstorms here. And it doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon. The game is on NFLN AND THERE ARE T-STORMS!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  10. channelsurfing is not working...wheel of fortune is on.:mad:
  11. If someone is sending PM's with info or a link I would really appreciate a PM also. I am not certain if this channelsurfing thing is going to work come game time.
  12. Well, it's definitely not easier. I'm going through all of the steps just to join now...sheesh.With channelsurfing you click the game link and you are there.
  13. Wow, the game is right there. There's no way that it's this easy.:hysterical:I joined the livefox thing for two years and I can't get the damn thing to work.:mad:
  14. Your question could be answered in this thread at the bottom of the front page of the Stadium. http://www.extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=294075
  15. Well, that just about explains it all. Thanks for that in depth analysis of why black jerseys wouldn't go over good with the Redskins organization and its fans. :applause:
  16. As much as I hate the Eagles those black and green jerseys are definately not ugly and they are all the rage around here. And IMO black, burgundy and gold would look fantastic. Not black, yellow and red. If you are satisfied with our colors that is cool, but don't be scared of trying something new. :2cents: BTW, how are the black jerseys "overdone?"
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