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  1. News Bulletin....Every team in the league is wearing throwbacks from time to time...even the teams that are superstitious like the Skins....the Skins lose a game in all they quit wearing them...HELLO...this team has lost more games with all and every uniform combo in past 15 don't matter...change it karma...paint the endzones a different something. This team is awfully boring on offense. Do something with the damn uniforms to add some excitement!!!!
  2. Someone needs to tell Sonny the Skins wore SB uni's and got their ass beat again...11 ppg in last 5 games...midget football guess ain't the uni's...I say time for a change...wear last years throwbacks...the one's Gibbs burnt after the 1 time they wore them.:2cents:
  3. I liked the new look...we have lost in every combination this year except the burg tops and white bottoms...but in every loss regardless of uniform...we beat ourselves...period.
  4. My friend lives in DC area and says Comcast is reporting that All Burgundy tonight is the rumor.
  5. Any new news on ALL BURGUNDY this week...maybe someone will ask Horton on Friday during his 2pm chat
  6. All White is fine...stay with these uni's while on a winning streak...All burgundy in Dallas would be nice...I think Zorn would go for it compared to Mr. Conservative Joe Gibbs.
  7. Seattle wears ALL aqua blue at home...look for maybe the Skins to try ALL burgundy at home.
  8. I believe I heard the Bears game the Skins will wear the 75th throwbacks for the 2nd time.
  9. I Challenge the Art's...TK's...Blondies...Tarhogs...The Big Suits of this get this information to the front office of the Redskins...Redskin Nation needs a lift...some luck...we want ALL BURGUNDY next week...some new karma...make it happen...see how many posts we can drum up!!!
  10. Any new news on the 75th anniversary uniforms the Skins are rumored to be wearing...Have not seen any pics yet.