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  1. We want dallas!! We want dallas!!! We want dallas!! **** dallas!!
  2. 1 day closer to Thanksgiving! **** Dallas! HAIL SKINS!
  3. Thanksgiving Week! Cowboy game! **** the Cowboys! HAIL SKINS!
  4. Truth on both, I'll keep my seats..at least for the time being. The minute I get rid of them is the minute I wish I hadn't.
  5. Ticket prices won't go up next year. The T.O. has been using the "no price increase" sale pitch in the offseason for the last few years. After this year, they will need to use it again to retain the core of it's season ticket holders. You want a slap in the face to the fan base,..raise ticket prices after another losing season.
  6. just popping in to say **** DALLAS!!!!
  7. Happy to see this thread on the front page of the Stadium! **** Dallas!!
  8. HAIL!!! I love the KRAMA thread. It's as good as the paloffs thread!!! Just means a great season starts today!
  9. Thank God for NFLN!! Live at 7:30 tonight for the out-of-towners not making the trek to Fed Ex tonight!
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