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  1. Club seat season ticket holders still in their contracts raised hell after the "relocation passes" store went viral I bet....
  2. Actually not at all which surprised me. I was ready for the hard sell to keep them but they took care of fast. My tickets were right on the 50 so I assume they knew someone else would take them easily...
  3. Made it official today, called the ticket office and I am no longer a season ticket holder. Will always be a die hard fan but can't justify paying full price just to sit in a specific seat anymore. Too many cheaper options to get tickets when I can actually make it to a game these days....
  4. I hear you, kept my 50 yard line UL's even though I could not make every game last two years because I did not want to lose them and assumed I could just sell them. After eating 7 games this year, no more....
  5. As a season ticket holder you are paying for the guarantee to sit in the same seat every game and that's the only benefit currently IMO. Unless you have the best seats in the house, renewing is a complete waste of $$$. With stubhub, free/discounted tickets when the team sucks, etc. you are losing money from the start unless the team starts winning consistently again...
  6. There will be 2 50 yard line aisle seats in section 428 next season for the upgraders since I will not be renewing.
  7. Only reason I'm going tomorrow is to see those sweet uniforms. Wish we would change to those and make a white road version.
  8. If we are forced to change the name, then change everything entirely. No more Native American theme, no more Burgundy and gold. Eventually the same PC crowd will complain that Native American groups are not represented enough in mainstream society. Change the team name and colors to something representative of the Military. W on the helmets with a tasteful camo uniform.
  9. As a season ticket holder, it really has come down to paying each year for the right to keep your specific seats. I have 50 yard line upper level seats that I don't want to lose so I renew each year and sell the games I cannot attend.
  10. This really blows, only able to go to one game this year and I was going to make it the Chargers game to see the throwbacks. I assume that Nike will continue to make the throwback gear even if the team cannot wear the uniforms again. Wish they would wear them for the rest of the season now because of these rules. They just removed the decals and reused the regular helmet.
  11. Since there is another homecoming game and new throwback gear is being released, I would think we will wear them against the Chargers.
  12. Since Nike is releasing new gear with the alternate design, I would say we will be wearing them again this year.
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