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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread


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This season is so disasterous I say what the hell......let's talk uniforms !! :doh:

White tops with the gold pants (I always use that on Madden) :D

Gold as in 70th anniversary gold or throwback gold(yellow)?Interesting either way......and I am burnt of the same old threads....I also like changing the uniforms on Madden :)

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the white on white was great for the streak, but now its just old and anoying. the burgundy pants need to come back. if i had my way we would play in burgundy jerseys at home but gibbs has always loved the whites.

oh and to all of extremedom, please stop making the polls public, i like the idea of secret ballot.

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Still can't believe I am participating in a uni thread though. Man this season went to :pooh: fast .....

Yes -- yellow pants with the white or burg tops -- both are sharp

For me, its nice to chat about somthing else than Boonell or Campbell.I am also too tired and lazy to think or argue with somebody about the players or coaches.

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