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  1. I hate Dallas. Seriously. A lot. Always have.
  2. Jealous of not winning a playoff game in over a decade???
  3. Still can't believe I am participating in a uni thread though. Man this season went to :pooh: fast ..... Yes -- yellow pants with the white or burg tops -- both are sharp
  4. This season is so disasterous I say what the hell......let's talk uniforms !! :doh: White tops with the gold pants (I always use that on Madden)
  5. whats up people -- posted this on another thread where I was tlking about my experience at Arrowhead but I thought I would put it on here so you guys could see that not all my pics are of the "girls gone wild " variety... This one goes out to everyone who told me I would become a Chiefs fan once i moved to KC...............
  6. One gay myspace page and everybody rushes in to judge..........
  7. Hey, looks like you did pretty well there Have to ask though.....she isn't sporting a Michael Westbrook jersey is she ???????
  8. And you are 19 ?? Who got ya started on Star Wars ?? I mean, I like the movies (especially Ch IV - VI ) but I have about a decade on you
  9. I am alone in finding this slightly disturbing.....:paranoid:
  10. MISSU28 - Hey -- sorry if I irritated you in the other thread. Meant no harm. By the way, really diggin the pic of you in the white & pink jersey. Guys were right -- you're a cutie. Take care
  11. Was told to bring pics to this thread so.......... [/url]
  12. LB -- Play all 3 but weak side is my strength. yea -- here come all the Lavar replacement jokes......:laugh: By the way -- how do I get the pic to show instead of just the link
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