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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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It amazes me how often this comes up. For what its worth, yes, we should go back to the burgundy pants. I'll be surprised if we do though.

Sometimes I like a lighter topic.

I do think its important though...I really do hate the all-white look. If we are gonna wear white pants we should pull the burgandy jerseys out of hiding. Contrast is the key...


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I absolutely loved the burgundy socks w/ the burgundy pants and white jersey uniform combo which was our 2004 alternate ...I do miss the burgundy/gold hoop socks ... the look with the burgundy socks/pants and black shoes and tape.. my gosh.. talk about a threatning appearance..

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I was just looking at a photo with Campbell and the team in the white jerseys and burgandy pants, and it looks sweet.I would love to see the burgandy pants again.The white on white is getting old and left a bad taste in my mouth.I also think burgandy jerseys with the burgandy pants would be killer for home games, it wouldnt be traditional, but new and fresh.Any thoughts?

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