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  1. Sometimes It Funny To See People Who Think The Have A New Idea......
  2. I think we should be able to wear any uni as they see fit.... Mix it up a bit.... but keep the current uni as the main get up.....
  3. I heard that they were going to wear them for 1 game. i think its the first game and thats it... those were my favorite helmets...
  4. I love it. I need some photoshop lessons...LOL I'd go with the white pants with that.... jmo!
  5. If the way the team dresses has anything to do with winning, why watch the cames? :doh:
  6. great guy to be around.. he dint let too many ppl around him ....kept his circle tight
  7. Insault.... i worked with him alot before he passed.....trust me, not some one i would like to look like..... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  8. no game shots but work....... Me and Ma$e at my studio Me and Ruben Studdert in studio(not mine) Me and Nelly at my studio before renovations
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