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Ever been IMed by a stranger..check this out


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So out of the blue this person(I guess a woman IMs me)...so here is the convo so far...I'm eselwyn

mwangel7610: Good morning. My name is Sanju. I am a 29 year old female from the US in NJ. I am not a spam bot, porn ad, salesperson, scammer, telemarketer, I DO NOT have a website with nude or porn pics of me, and I AM NOT one of your friends playing a sick joke on you. I am a real person currently living in Fairfax, VA visiting family and jobhunting. Would you like to talk with me?

eselwyn: trying to find people around here?

mwangel7610: OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT?! I am going to make a few things clear right now. I am going to tell you right now that I did not see your pic on your profile. I am not some slut, whore, or ****er on the net who goes online copying and pasting these IMS and send it to all the guys all over the internet or yahoo website. so if that little short message of yours was some stupid test to see if I am a real person, then you can stuff the tests. I am not up for BS or vagueness games.

eselwyn: interesting...usually I tend not to get any IMs except from people I know.....

mwangel7610: so now that I have told you my real name and a wee bit about me, so now it is your turn to do the same. I will not be answering any of your questions until then.

mwangel7610: my aunt has windows 98 and her internet is all f*cked up. I was doing a job search and somehow your sn popped up. I am also a fast typer last time i checked that was not a crime nor was it a crime to make things clear ahead of time.

mwangel7610: SO YOU CAN START OFF WITH UR REAL NAME AND ABout you like i did in my intro IM to you

mwangel7610: I am also going to make something else clear right now before we talk further. I have a pic but I just Immed you. I will show you my pic when I am ready not until then so please don't send me 5 or 6 IMS asking me for a pic.

mwangel7610: read what i write and i have repeated some things to make them clear. And no I am not an angry person, paranoid, moody, i do not need a head doctor, nor do I need mental help or counseling. Read everything I am writing and then respond back to me

eselwyn: Well my name is Eric and I'm 30....Fairfax....near downtown Fairfax City or farther out? Are you trying to meet people around this area or just trying to find out more about it...

mwangel7610: UHH EXCUSE ME?! for your information, read this part again: I am not some slut, whore, or ****er on the net who goes online copying and pasting these IMS and send it to all the guys all over the internet or yahoo website.

mwangel7610: or did u mean it another way?

eselwyn: what?....For someone that sent me an IM you seem to be a bit angry.....I'm merely asking if you are trying to find people to hang out with...like cool bars to go to etc...

mwangel7610: okay that is why i asked what u meant

eselwyn: What field are you searching for a job in?

mwangel7610: Hospitality. if this is some kind of indirect interrogation of yours because you are suspicious of me, then you can stuff it. but if you are honestly asking because you want to know then only i will tell you more. and yes the answer to the question does matter to me.

eselwyn: You really need to relax.....you're the one that IMd me.....perhaps I can recommend some bars you can check out in Fairfax.....Fat Tuesdays, TT. Reynolds....there a few others depends on what you like

mwangel7610: i wish

mwangel7610: heh

mwangel7610: but no car down here and my aunt won't let me go out by myself . she does not care if i go out but i have to go with someone.

eselwyn: Well you don't necessarily need a car, there is public transportation......

mwangel7610: read what i just wrote

eselwyn: Yeah I did but you are 29......so why do you need to follow your aunt's commands...you are your own person...

mwangel7610: yeah i know. that is why i am looking for a place to stay

mwangel7610: as in apt

mwangel7610: roommate, etc.

mwangel7610: so how old are you and what do you do here in VA?

eselwyn: ahh well...I would recommend you check out www.craigslist.com

eselwyn: I live in Falls Church...and I'm 30

mwangel7610: I ASKED WHAT ur profession is

eselwyn: Production manager at a marketing company...

mwangel7610: nice! major or local? you like ur job?

eselwyn: Local...My job is okay....I make money and it pays the bills...I'm going to be heading back to get an MBA next year....

mwangel7610: nice where at?

eselwyn: Not sure yet...probably in NYC, Chicago or San Francisco.....

mwangel7610: ahh

mwangel7610: me parents live in Chi-town

eselwyn: Thats cool...I got a couple friends there....

mwangel7610: cool my parents live in Greektown area

eselwyn: Don't know Chicago at all...haven't even visited...but my friends say it is cool and that is enough for me

mwangel7610: heh

eselwyn: Well I'd recommend you check out Arlington, VA because it has a lot to offer...lots of places you can work, public transportation and lots of cool places to go plus it is short hop to DC

mwangel7610: brb getting booted

mwangel7610: back

mwangel7610: front


eselwyn: So have you been looking for a job down here long?

mwangel7610: i just got here last Fri. so have you ever met anyone from online in person b4? if so how were your experiences and would you ever try again GENERALLY speaking?

eselwyn: Yeah I have met people from online before...no bad experiences but always do it in a public place were you can leave whenever you want...

mwangel7610: YEAH I KNOW.

eselwyn: I'd recommend that you go out on your own and explore the area and then start looking to meet people...

mwangel7610: so you have roommates? u live with your partner? parents? pets? heh

eselwyn: I moved back home in April to save money...I'd been living on my own for 9 years but the roomates I had just weren't trust worthy when it came to paying bills on time and they would party a bit too much for my tastes.....

mwangel7610: ahh i see.

mwangel7610: yeah i know how that is. some roommates are like that

eselwyn: I'd known the guys for years and they just never seemed to grow up...

mwangel7610: hmm i am sorry to hear that. i have the opposite problem. I don't know why but for some reason I just do not get along with women as much anymore. maybe it is because I am STRAIGHT. and i like men too much

mwangel7610: or maybe my tempermentality changed as i got olde.r

mwangel7610: *older.

eselwyn: Ahh well....I;m sure you'll find some decent roommates...like I said...try craigslist for WashDC you should be able to find some listings there for rooms etc..

mwangel7610: I hope I am not getting you in trouble with your partner (if you have one) by me writing to you. I am not a psycho freak girl with ulterior motives or a soap opera villainess. I'm also not on some sick, twisted manhunt. I am not a slut, prostitute, insane person, or player.

eselwyn: hahahaha...no...no trouble...you certainly have an interesting way of talking...

mwangel7610: i am not joking

eselwyn: I'm sure...

mwangel7610: so u live with her?

eselwyn: no I'm single....not looking for anything now...got other stuff in my life...work, classes, preping for GMAT etc...

mwangel7610: i see. i am busy too but i do not boot people out like that. i do not do that sh*t to a guy. if i met a guy that i liked and liked me i would make time for him. i have two exams to study for as well as well as i work voluntarily at 4 jobs.

mwangel7610: i am busy too

eselwyn: I don't boot people out.....just don't have anyone

mwangel7610: uh huh well u said, not looking for anything now...got other stuff in my life...work, classes, preping for GMAT etc... so that is why i said that.

eselwyn: Right.....but I haven't booted anyone out of my life...I'm sure if the right woman came along I'd make time...

mwangel7610: ahh okay that is the right way to put it . heh

mwangel7610: so u at work?

This girl sounds pretty crazy from what I have seen so far....

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Run away from your computer immediately!!! Seriously though, I don't think I could've even continued that conversation as long as you did. I guess it would be entertaining but, man, that woman is out of her mind. If you ever do meet her, take public transportation, don't let her know your real name, where you live, ect. Sounds like a professional stalker to me.

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That is hilarious funkyalligator...crazy people out there.

Can't wait to read the rest of the convo.

heheh I was thinking the same thing. Definitely seems like a trap. 29 yrs old and her aunt won't let her out...hehehe

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She reminds me of someone on this board and there is no way in hell I'm going to mention that person because she would just post long, drawn out gibberish. Anyone dare to take a guess or mention that person?

Dude if she see's this your gonna get it. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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HAHAHA - my favorite part is that she's looking for a job in hospitality. She's pyscho, and not very hospitible.

Exactly what i was thinking?

FA, Have you axed her if she is a Skins fan yet? Ask her what she thinks about TO and who should start at QB next year.

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hahahahaha...yeah the conversation got pretty interesting after that....she started talking about how she was almost raped, and how she is 100% pure ......just strange stuff.....I was bored here at work and so decided to see were the conversation went...if she IMs me back I'll talk a bit more and post some more parts of the conversation here......

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