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Best band no one has ever heard of?


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I'll throw one out there. If you like no-frills rock and roll, check out: The Hellacopters. They're from Sweden and you'll probably have to order their stuff from Amazon or download it. They are amazing though. Excellent guitar, great vocals, just good old fashioned rock.

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If you're a fan of great garage punk, then I suggest you check out the Pandoras, a good 80s underground band who hailed from my hometown of Los Angeles.

Although they didn't get as much pub as the Bangles and Go Go's, they were better than both of those groups. The Pandoras produced two great garage punk albums in "It's About Time" (their 1984 debut) and "Stop Pretending" (their 1986 follow-up). "Stop Pretending" is especially essential as it features the classic lineup of Paula Pierce, Kim Shattuck, Melanie Vammen and Karen Blankfeld.

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I'm a big fan of Reggie ... and Get Up Kids.

I was lucky enough to see the last show of a tour they did about 3 years ago here in DC. Reggie, Ultimate Fakebook and Kofax (I'm not sure if thats the correct spelling) all at the 9:30 club.

I've also seen Get Up Kids there. :)

You can't help but love Reggie ... their stuff is so comical sometimes (Dwarf Invasion).


Now I can guarantee you that most of you guys won't like what I'm about to recommend ... but I'm going to tell you anyway. (JRock - you'll appreciate this!!!) It's definitely chick music, but Jolie has the most amazing angelic voice ...

The Rocking Horse Winner ...

http://www.ohevrecords.com/catalog.html --- scroll down to catch two mp3's.

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i saw them in concert in October in Baltimore. great band, real energetic

He dressed up in a purple prince suit, and started telling people to not look prince in the eyes. Then he asked if anyone was hungry and pulled 4 or 5 burgers from his pants and threw them into the crowd.

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yngwie malmsteen. check out some of his songs. my personal favorite song of his is "rising force", but "riot in the dungeon" gets an honorable mention. he is a spectacular guitarist and a great singer.

Malmsteen does not sing. :laugh:

And I'd be surprised to find a guitar fan that hasn't at least heard of Yngwie!

I'm fond of "I am a Viking".

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Indigenous Womb... they're a hip-hop group out of JMU and most of the group actually lived in the apartment upstairs from me in college! They've opened for Soldiers of Jah Army (another hot ass group), Jah Works, The Roots, 311, etc etc. One of the MCs..Vex Bliss... is totally hot. I used to be at the gym working out and staring at his amazing body....ok sorry. Off subject. But anyway, here's their myspace page so you can take a gander. My favorite song is I've Learned, and it's by the MC Signifier



check em out....thoughtful stuff

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Come on! Everyone's heard of Malmsteen

And Fugazi? I mean, they're legends. I wouldn't go so far as to say everyone's heard of them, but I would say that if you haven't heard of Fugazi, I don't care to hear your opinions on music.

My answers(with links)

New Buffalo

We Versus The Shark(Check out "This Graceless Planet.")

Velella Velella

That's all I got that I have MP3's for.

For a great rapper check out illogic.

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