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  1. this reminds me of those jerry springer where the girlfriend tells her boyfriend that she's actually a man......ive been duped
  2. thanks fellas, i got a 75-300mm lens from dell with it, i am still used to my 4.1MP Cybershot, so anything i take with my Canon keeps me amazed. My lens is good for what I use it for now, although id like something for closer up shots, but im sure i will dive deeper into the realm of digital photography, my attention whoring will reach a new level of quality in 06
  3. i love my pitch fork also testing out my new Digital Rebel XT edit: spelling, and formatting clean up
  4. its 35 degrees outside, and I am grilling dinner with my brother its times like these im going to miss when I finally understand the concept of consequences
  5. nice find livestrong edit: might as well edit this post to post pics me taking a bite out of my sister ------ i swear i didnt take it out --- they put a flower in my hair, when in rome......i dont know what that means
  6. Wanted to SHow off the Adidas Peru Jacket I got from Amazon.com I also got the El Salvador one. Too Vicious......as for the hand........Ive got bad breath
  7. yeah, transfer them to photobucket
  8. i havent posted a pic of myself in nearly a month?! I must be slipping. Havent taken any with the level of charm i'd like, but I had to post something so here yo go. Guess Who
  9. those two are from my myspace.com account
  10. eh, posted this in fedex via my new Samuels jersey, might as well post it here too
  11. :laugh: in all seriousness i believe thats a wet tshirt the dude is sporting, not a bra
  12. well hazaa hazaa, here she is again, dks that is
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