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  1. I'm looking too. Time Warner cable sucks and doesn't have NFLN. Don't want to spend money for three hours at a bar
  2. Last movie I saw was Religulous. Classic example of when you can agree with the points made in a documentary, but still think it's a stupid movie.
  3. I think you broke the rules. No RELIGION or politics. You just mentioned creation.
  4. that's right It was actually kind of bothering that I couldn't remember who it was.
  5. I hate my own fart smell. you need to get a better nose. Try the nosetron 3000. I'm reminded of a comedy routine I heard. He suggested that someone go to a party and take a **** on the coats, just to see how the people reacted. At some point in the night someone will come into the room and say, "someone took a **** on the coats", and then you just say, "better not be on my coat" and you're in the clear. Then you just watch and observe.
  6. I can't really imagine liking florida that much. I hate beaches, because they're sandy, and fish scare me. Paris from american idol is my girl.
  7. believe it or not I didn't pose for this; it's completely candid. I didn't even know that it existed for about a month after it was taken.
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