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Making fun of Cowboy fans. Priceless.

ExtremeSkins Fan View: We Want MORE!

By Arthur Mills


December 22, 2005

Ding Dong! The Curse is gone. Which old Curse? That awful Curse.

Ding Dong! The awful Curse is gone.

Come on, everybody, sing it with me. You know you lived it with me. You know you did. At 35-0, you screamed louder as if to turn to your cousin demanding the heart of the Cowboys be removed with a spoon--why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe? Because it's dull, you twit. It'll hurt more.

That's right. Any piece of writing starting out with munchkins singing will have great movie quotes sprinkled throughout. Pop culture is fantastic.

And, it did hurt. Didn't it, Cowboy fans? Not that we'd know. We haven't been taken to the woodshed in quite that fashion.

Remember Cowboy fans, it's always darkest before Bill Parcells leaves to coach another team.

Yes, yes, yes. I know it's Thursday, but, honestly, did you really think we'd be done celebrating and walking all over your grave? Heck no. You're our huckleberry until approximately September of next year. Get used to it.

You know on "The Simpson's" the little bully kid who laughs that "ha-ha" laugh? That's us whenever we see you for the next year. You amuse us.

Okay, yes, I know Joe Gibbs cut off the singing of "Mammas don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys," citing the desire to win the right way, with class, dignity and a little grace even. I think he was talking to someone else though, right?

I, we, us, fan types are the little red devil hovering over the shoulder hooting and hollering up a storm--only we have no interlocutor between brain and mouth. So, forgive me Coach Gibbs, but, "Ha ha."

Have broom. Will loan to Cowboy fans. Up here, there aren't very many. I'm in Minnesota. All I have are Steeler fans buying tickets from Vikings fans and the contrast of one coach bemoaning the lack of fan support to my team's coach talking about how great it was.

We mattered.

The team won, beautifully, wonderfully, dreamily. And we mattered. We helped.

Bush Leaguers activate. That was a game to remember. That was a game that put me just two away from collecting my bet with Sam Huff made prior to the Rams game. If you'll recall, that bet came about this way.

Me: "All we have to do is win the next five and we're in."

Sam: (Incredulous look sprinkled with pity) "You really think they can win five in a row? They can't win one in a row."

Me: "Why not?"

Now he won't take my calls.

Funny how that works out, huh?

Funny how a team left for dead--okay, it was me who left them there, but who's keeping track?--on Thanksgiving has now made Christmas Eve meaningful.

For the first time since 1995, it was a clean sweep over Dallas. (Don Wright Photo)

For years now, Redskin fans have spent Christmas just like people from Iowa--i.e. people with no football to live for. Nothing is more discouraging than seeing an ExtremeSkins fan sipping hot buttered rum with family over the holiday season, forcing smiles as if everything is ok in the world.

We've lived that lie for years. We named that lump of coal Norval.

Not this year.

My daughter is 10 months old. Her first Christmas is a great Christmas as her daddy will insist she wear her Redskins cheerleader elf outfit and learn whether a Christmas is white or not, whether you have family in town or not, the only thing that matters is a competitive, hungry, mean, rolling Redskin team to make it great.

The intensity and focus of last week's game against the Cowboys must remain this week.

While The Washington Post spends the week writing about the possibility of Gregg Williams leaving and the wonderful skill of the New York Giants head coach, I want to remind you to show Coach Williams you love him and want to keep him and to reflect on the great coaches we actually have here in both Gibbs and Williams.

You know, almost like you guys read this stuff because you have an interest in the success of the local team and all. Crazy notion I know.

The Redskins face yet another critical game on Sunday. The last time we were feeling a little fat and sassy we all know what happened. Thirty six to nothing happened. Against the team we're playing this week, it happened.

If you can't get up for this game, I hate to tell you but no drug company makes a pill to help you.

The Redskins have more to play for than simply maintaining control of their playoff destiny. The Redskins have a 36-0 reason to play. You think Gregg Williams won't have the defense ready with that score to talk about all week?

You think the total snub of several deserving defensive players for the NFC Pro Bowl roster might be something else to play for?

This team owes the Giants something big. Something like what happened last week delivered to Dallas paying the butcher's bill of years of carnage at the hands of the Cowboys in full.

As fans, I know you weren't expecting things to still matter. You probably have plans with the family. It's Christmas Eve.

Take the advice of a wise ExtremeSkins fan. Buy your family a little extra something for Christmas so you can make Christmas Eve yours. If you have friends who are Giants fans in the area and you plan on taking them to this game, do us a favor and call them, tell them sorry, but, they can watch on television.

This game is for us to reinforce the atmosphere at FedExField that gives our team a chance to win any game played there. The real advantage we're starting to create can be brought home again this week.

We have a lot to prove still, not only as a team, but as fans rebuilding the legacy of crowd noise and passion making RFK so memorable. The team worked with us to give FedExField one of those memories against Dallas.

I'm ready for another this week.

How about you?

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While The Washington Post spends the week writing about the possibility of Gregg Williams leaving and the wonderful skill of the New York Giants head coach, I want to remind you to show Coach Williams you love him and want to keep him and to reflect on the great coaches we actually have here in both Gibbs and Williams.

I love that jab at the Post. You're right on the money...we should be cheering our beloved Skins, not worrying about things that are out of our control.

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Y'know....it does feel great to sweep Dallas and not hear that how 'bout 'dem Cowboys crap.

But I will do this will a little class (I think the Skins fan base is the best in the NFL and much more classier than other teams that revel in an arch-rival's defeat).

We out played a solid winning Dallas squad lead by a future hall of fame HC.....this just shows what talent, coaching and execution when combined can do. We are a good team, with an exceptional fan base and I personally believe that this franchise has turned the corner from mediocrity to success thanks to these 2 games.

(I should have used super-smart, courageous and fought our guts out somewhere in there. :) ).

But the best comment of the week has been from a Dallas Maverick:

"How 'bout those Redskins"!!!!!! (and Mark Cuban and the NBA can't fine me for saying it ;) ).

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This is my favorite article of yours, so far. Bravo.

I'm not sure it's my favorite, but, for the first time since we started this with the team I felt connected to the premise the whole way through and it flowed rather than having to be worked. In that, I'm happy. And, anytime I sneak a shot at the Post in, I'm good.

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OK, I'm officially pumped. Great job, Art!

Remember Cowboy fans, it's always darkest before Bill Parcells leaves to coach another team.
So true. Since the Giants he has a history of taking an underachieving team, driving them to greater success, and leaving them in worse shape than when he started. That includes Tampa Bay, who managed to come out of their dalliance with Parcells smelling like roses, but not before he left them in almost total disarray. Bill's about at his 3-year limit. He's the Billy Martin of football.
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