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Any Extreme Weight Loss Stories For Fat Guys???


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Anyone have any weight loss stories for us fat guys. I am not obese, but I am definetly overwieght and could lose a good 30-40 lbs. 5'11'' 245 DING!!

Anyway if anyone has a story share it and let us guys who want to lose some fat know what to do and how to do it. Give us your ideas and motivators that helped you to become succsesful for losing that fat!!! :) :) :)

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Tee Hee.

To be fair. I got information from people using the weight watchers program about how many calories someone my weight is supposed to eat to lose weight. 1300 a day was what it was for my weight.

This summer I quit smoking. Maybe next summer I'll start excercizing. At this rate by the time I'm 30 I'll be a health God.

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Currently in the stages of dieting. Started 2 months ago (stopped eating as much food, cut out sodas/snacks/fatty foods) Now im down to around 210. I limit myself to around 1500 calories per day and I run for 45 mins a day and I lift weights for 45 mins every night.

Starting Weight: 250

Current Weight: 214

Just cut out Sodas/cookies and whatever other fatty foods that you eat. I ended up eating fruits and powerbars for the first 3 weeks which helped me start to run and build up my endurance. Then afterwards I started incorporating small meals into my powerbar diet like 2 days a week I'd have a small dinner like spaghetti or Mac and Cheese (small portions tho) and I also ate alot of Bananas/grapes/melons/apples etc.... a different fruit each day. Oh and drink alot of water (you eventually start to prefer it to sodas).

Good Luck with whatever diet you choose, just make sure you stay motivated. Pick something that you want (but cannot have yet since your overweight) and keep working towards that goal. For me it was a girl ;) GL

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i've lost 70 pounds, but need to lose 75 more.

was at 370. am at 300. goal is 225.

all i needed was discipline and most importantly, FAITH.

my Faith is in Jesus.

he went without for 40 days and only had the Word of God as his sustanance.

i've fasted. losing weight is easy through Christ. just fyi for anyone struggling.

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I lost 40 lbs. on Atkins couple of years ago, but gained most of it back. Got away from what I should have been eating. To be honest, gained most back

when got out the excerise routine.

Problem is finding a time that is convenient to work out. Getting up at 5AM everyday was hard. It's too easy to roll over and say will skip today...which

tomorrow never seems to get here. I'm one of those that hates to get on

a machine at home. My NordiTrac Ellipse makes a great coat rack...sorry to say.

I love food, cooking, and the Holidays make it even harder. We have customers coming by the office bringing all these cookies, candies, and cakes...the devil is making me do it!!!

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Kilmer17 has lost a bunch on Southbeach.

I have as well. I've lost about 150-170 total so far, but I've gained some muscle weight since I started lifting, regardless, so far, my waist size has shrunk from a 54 to a 42. I still want to lose about 40 more lbs or so, I'm still on the south beach diet and have no problems sticking to it. I'm ashamed to admit I was 200lbs overweight. No one would have guessed that either. I guess I carried it ok considering.

The best part about the south beach diet is that my hunger went away and I've had success giving up foods like pasta, potatoes, breads etc... for good. No regrets.

I work out 6 days a week at the gym doing cardio and lifting, so that has contributed as well.

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Or you coud do my diet when I studied abroad

Granted though I never have been severly overweight but in a 15 week period I lost 28 pounds

Went from 186 to 158 while living in Europe

Basically it was a result of 3 small square meals a day, virtually no snacks but fresh fruit, lunch being the biggest meal at 12, dinner at 6, and nothing to eat in the whole damn town after 7

I think the key to me was not eating after 7. Granted though this is NOT the best way to lose weight

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I went from over 300 to under 200. Currently at 190. But got as low as 180. Im 6-2 so I looked kind of scrawny at 180.

Southbeach diet did it for me. Then I started competing in triathlons and that toned the fat flab (though I still have more than Id like).

Codes right about the hunger part.

I cant even eat a half of a chicken breast some days for dinner.

A rule of thumb I use now. My "protein" source is never bigger than a deck of cards. And I can eat as much green, leafy veggies as I want.

And on Sundays I allow myself to drink Scotch to watch the Skins play. Other than that, I might have a glass of red wine on occassion, but never more than 1.

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senior year high school i was about 6'0" 280 three years later i am 6'0" 250, most of which has come off in the last year....

the main thing i can attest to the weight loss is being employed. When i started working, and going to school, i just dont have time to cruise around and pick up a burger when I feel like it. I also started drinking a lot more water than I had been, ive been lifting weights and i run around the block 3 times a week after work.

ive def noticed i cant eat nearly as much as I used to before. I used to go to fuddruckers and to get a good laugh out of my friends I'd order the 1lb burger and the frings. I'd always get sick and not physically well, but everyone would laugh at the fact that I did it. Now I have trouble with their 1/2 lb and usually cant finish anything else. Its little stuff like that ive been noticing.

The summer after high school i went on atkins for a couple months, and that was good for about 10 lbs, but my body didnt feel right during the span, so i just went with eating less and exercise more, luckily ive stuck with it

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I've lost 25 over the last two months. I was 227, now I'm 202. My goal was to get to around 195-200 range. The key to loosing is cardio and diet. I do cardio everyday for at the very least 30 minutes. eat lots of protien, fruit, and low fat snacks. I don't know if this helps but this is what I eat during a normal day.


egg subsititute (egg beaters, better n' eggs. I also add green peppers and veggie sausage to it, really good!!), oatmeal or low fat yogurt


string cheese, low fat yogurt, apples or oranges


Salad w/ dressing or turkey sandwich on pita




either fish or chicken with some kind of veggies. I have brown rice on occasion, and a baked potato on once a week.

If I'm eating bread carbs besides oatmeal I'm eating either whole wheat or pita

I eat literally every two hours, I'm always eating something but it is usually on my diet. I feel better, look leaner...and the ladies are noticing too! This is just the way I did it, I hope it helps.

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I lost 135pds 2 years ago... I feel so much better.

And i only have to talk to her every once in a while.


Good one Thiebear!

I'm 6' tall and weigh 210 lbs right now....that will increase a bit in the coming weeks as I enjoy the holiday food ;) . Then after the New Year I'll go on a diet to shed those extra pounds...but one thing that has worked well for me when I wanted to lose weight is to make sure I eat breakfast each morning. I am not a big breakfast eater - never have been, never will be. I like to sleep in as long as I can each morning :D . But my wife will push me to eat breakfast and that really does help in weight loss (combined with watching calories of course).

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I'm one of those people that gains and loses, but I stay in the 170 lb. -190 lb. range. (5'-8"). I weigh myself daily, and when I hit 180 the "ease up" alarm goes off, and if I hit 190 the "diet now" alarm goes off.

I've had the most success with counting carbs, and eliminating foods with too many carbs. Never eat spagetti again, especially at night with bread, that's like a million carbs. Make your dinners just a meat and a vegetable. Don't eat starches or carbs for dinner like potatoes, pasta, or breads. You're wasting you time if you do. You don't need carbs to go to sleep.

One of the problems we face today with foods, is the lack of vitamins and minerals due to soil depletion from pestisides and fertalizers. So we can overeat and our body is still malnurished. One way to help this is to take

food supplements. I eat raw bee pollen every morning am not hungry untill mid-afternoon.

Try using liquid L-carnitine (1 tsp.) along with 60-90mg. Co-enzime Q10

before you exercise and you'll breeze thru it. I won't get too long winded,

but L-carnititne is an essential amino acid produced by the human body, and is necessary for the convertion of Fat cells to energy. Also provides noticeable long lasting energy. Most serious atheletes of the endurance type are using both of the above.

Here's couple of books to check out: "Eat to Win", and "Eat to Succeed"

by Dr. Robert Haas. He is a nutritionalist to top althletes, Pro Tennis players and such.

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I lost about 35 pounds a few years ago (need to lose it again) using the Zone diet. I think its pretty similar to the south beach diet; you've got to keep your ratio of protein to carbs to fat at 7-9-1. And good carbs, like leafy green vegetables and stuff, not potatoes :doh: .

I was also playing rugby at the time, with a game every Saturday and hard practices twice a week. I would have lost even more weight, but after every rugby game you drink lots and lots of beer....:D

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I've never had to lose more than a few pounds, but I played weight-controlled sports through high school and college, and this is the simplest breakdown I can give:

Eat a healthy breakfast as early as you can. Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day.

Drink water.

Eat a small, nutritious snack 3 hours after breakfast.

Drink water.

Eat a light lunch 3 hour after the snack.

Drink water.

Eat a small, nutritious snack 3 hours after lunch.

Drink water. This is probably the ideal time to get your workout in.

Eat a light dinner, and try especially hard to limit your dry carbohydrates in your last meal.

Drink water.

If you're eating the right things, this is the simplest, healthiest way to lose weight, and because of the water intake and frequency of meals, you won't feel like you're starving.

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