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  1. We can blame bruce for jackson and orakpo and murphy, when he could have been focused on the oline instead.
  2. http://www.myspace.com/bigzak25
  3. and me on the left with my friend MillerLite, and my best friend ReyTrain on the right...future Saxaphone Supastar... me and some vato i met at a GTG a few weeks ago...we were rockin the kareoke mike... and lastly, one of my best friends, Mouse, getting us some more beer...
  4. cute family dks, good to see a frontal of you for the 1st time.
  5. she's cute. here's me incognito in mexico....
  6. that's me on the left at some bar a few weeks ago watching spurs with some fellow hardcore fans.....disregard the titanic furniture....
  7. that's wrong, but still very funny bill....:laugh: cool pic mike!
  8. here's me and my bartender celebrating the Spurs a$$kicking of the grizz on saturday....good times! p.s. don't tell wifey....:paranoid:
  9. my boss is stressing me out..... it's cutting into my internet time.... :laugh:
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