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Ok, it's that time again....put up or shut up!! Especially Chewy!!

Tom [Giants fan]

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I saw your little prediction Chewy. Double digit win for the Skins, huh? We are going to have to make two bets on this one.

Here is how it works. We make a sig bet. If the Skins win, I will put something of your choosing in my sig. If the Giants win, you put something in your sig of my choosing. Chewy, we need to add a side bet for your double digit prediction.

Reply to this post if you are willing to accept this bet.

The rules are this:

Since there are a lot more of you than me, I will post what you want for one to two days each. If you can all come up with something you agree on, then I will wear that one sig for two weeks. If the Giants win, you each have to wear what I give you until the Skins game the following week.

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Tom, it's only fair if you give everyone the same deal, which is you wear their sig as long as they offer to wear yours. You may be doing this for weeks if you lose and you have a lot of people take this bet, but don't worry buddy, we'll be here to enjoy it. Otherwise, we get to see your (and only your) sig for a week, but you may have half of hte 'Skins message board wearing your garbage. :)

As the saying goes, don't write checks you can't cash.

Oh, and I'm in. :)

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LMAO, Did I get your attention Tom? Talk about calling a brotha out.


I'll have to give this some thought at work today, and then maybe tonight see what I can come up for you to wear.


PM me the side bet, i'm all in, and giving you 9. We will win by 10 or more.

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']redman' date='

The fact that I am one taking on the bet of many makes it fair that I keep a sig for a day or two and switch. I am willing to take one sig for two weeks which is a week more than anyone would have to do it. This is the way I did it last year. If you want the bet the way it is, fine. If not, let me know.[/quote']


if you lose.....I think 1 sig. line for 1-2 weeks (or until Dec. 24th maybe?) would be fine with me if Chewy or Kevin B. did it.


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I can't wait for the game. I will be surrounded by Giants fans. I am the only Skins fan that go's to this bar on Long Island. I also have been going to this bar every Sunday for the last 8 years so I am well known.

That being said if the Giants win I take some serious abuse. Last years game when we turned the ball over, what, 897 times was brutal for me. I think we can win this game if we keep the turnovers to a minimum and stop them on special teams.

I will be rockin my Arrington Jersey Sunday and I hope to leave in it. As it has been custom to throw me in a womens Sehorn (can't get worse than that) jersey when we lose. I am 5'10 215 lbs so to say it fits snug is an understatement.

If we win my boy wears my Derrius Thompson Jersey.

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