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Ok, it's that time again....put up or shut up!! Especially Chewy!!

Tom [Giants fan]

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I think we should spray paint 'Giants Suck' on the side of the Empire State Building. That way, when they see it, they will know that they suck. :silly:

:rotflmao: I like that bet!! :laugh:

I'm in -- and I'm pretty sure Kevin B., Chewy and the other photoshop whizzes around here can come up with something for you to wear. Although...if you have 100 people that take your bet, I agree with Redman...how is it fair that you only have to wear the sig for 2 weeks? I say you have to wear whatever we decide for 2 days per person who accepts the bet. It has to be based on volume, otherwise its meaningless for a bunch of us to accept.

So, 2 days per person who accepts the bet is what I propose. We can cap it at 2 months or something like that, so that you don't have to wear it forever. December 24th is good as well. What do you say to that?

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I agree that a good bet would be that if the Redskins lose, all the bettors have to rock a Giants sig for two weeks. When the Redskins win, Tom has to sport a Redskins sig until we play next time, on December 24. If so, I'm in.

That is a good bet. That is the only way its fair. Come on, Tom...take it. I'm in if those are the terms.

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']Guys' date='

I'm not going to be chaning sigs until the summer. I am willing to wear one sig agreed upon by all until the next game between the Giants and Skins.


You are on with that hundred straight up.[/quote']

I'm in under those terms! And Tom, I'd love to take your money, I just can't afford to make any bets at the moment!!!

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