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Ok, it's that time again....put up or shut up!! Especially Chewy!!

Tom [Giants fan]

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ouch, just plain ouch. We got owned, but it's all good. There is a long season ahead of us, and the Giants have to come to Fed Ex field. Believe me, the skins and the fans will remember.

Congrats on the win, it was handed to you.

We'll see you again before all is said and done

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OK, I've never put an image into my sig on this board. I've already saved the sig into my pics file on my computer, but how do I load it?


A Moron

You need to have someone host the picture on the net, then you can link to it in your sig using the tags around the address.

I think you can go to photobucket.com and host it there for free.

On another note, these sig bets are a tad ridiculous. One flippin Giants fan comes on here to bet, and the entire ES Board has Giant signatures.

If he loses, he (ONE PERSON) wears a signature. And he rarely posts anymore, so BFD.

You guys should be ashamed... tsk tsk. That is a lopsided bet if I've ever seen one...

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']zoony' date='

I average 3-4 posts per day. And if I lost, I would have had to wear whatever sig I was given until the Giants/Skins met in December. I think that was fair. These are only until Sunday.[/quote']

Hey I'm not attacking you at all... you are a shrewd negotiater ;)

I would have done it too... it would be fun to go over and own an entire Giants message board.

And I thought from your first post that you wear the sig for 2 weeks, or everyone's individual sigs for 2 days? Sorry I misread...

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