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  1. I was going to. But, between his hesitation while he watched the women go to battle, to dancing (and losing) with one of the worst punchers in modern history, to leaving the store and never coming back in (even after the assailant was subdued).......Dude needs a break.
  2. In addition to the wrestler, I give those women that got involved major kudos for putting themselves in harm's way to let the mother and children get away. And I had the same reaction as the store clerk when the wrestler had him pinned. All I was thinking was 'grab something and beat the living **** out of that son of a b".
  3. Bones needs help. Like, serious help from people that give a **** about him as a human being. His ego is ruining him. I used to like him a lot when he broke onto the UFC scene, but after Cormier exposed him for the narcissist he is and the fake persona he began to portray (or maybe he always did?), I can't stand the sound of his voice or listen to a word he says.
  4. You do realize that was political commentary, right? https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/dr-seuss-adolf-wolf/
  5. You've got to be kidding, right? PRIDE was the only HW division worth mentioning during that era. Obviously a closet Tim Sylvia fan. BTW, Fedor beat both he and Arlovski (other HW superstar of UFC at the time).
  6. Yea, felt that too EDIT: Always felt he was overrated in the UFC. As soon as Rampage came over, figured he was doomed.
  7. I loved Mark Hunt. Him and Barnett were my heroes in the old days. He isn't that guy anymore. Hate seeing him lose without putting up a fight. Don't get me wrong, Brock is a freak, but seriously, this fight was soul crushing for me. I can't watch him in the senior class anymore. EDIT: And yes, you're right
  8. Sigh. Mark Hunt, please retire. You will never relive your Pride days.
  9. I still think this fight has shenanigans written all over it. Regardless of outcome, Brock won't fight in the UFC ever again (IMO). This is a business move. If Hunt doesn't end it in the 1st round, he should retire.
  10. Not surprising result. I'm sure he was told since Silva signed to play it safe by his manager. Sucks, but he gains nothing from having traded with the greatest striker MMA has ever seen.
  11. For taking this fight Silva's definitely winning back some of the respect I lost for him for the Maia antics and Diaz PEDs.
  12. Crazy. Aldo is walking away from a fight with Edgar and he looks like he could do 3 more rounds.
  13. Browne wins best entrance music. Hope there's a bonus in it for him.
  14. What defines mass murder? Rather, what defines mass murder attempt?
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