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  1. Burger35

    Some help

    I’m bringing me best man ( jets fan) with our wives to the skins jets game.. I live in New York so not sure of the things to do as an adult out there... I’ve done my clubs out in dc and the area but wondering if anybody can suggest something that’s going on during that weekend ( nov 13-16). Was looking for charters on the Potomac but didn’t see much... would appreciate help guys... thanks
  2. My concern is depth especially with the secondary.... but also makes me realize that we traded fuller, dropped scandrick.... bc we were high on guys like Danny Johnson and stroman... we also decided to only have 2 qb’s that hurt us after dropping a guy that plays for a rival? Whos making calls in that joint is my question? looks like our picks will be (Alabama, Alabama , big 10 or acc defender )
  3. He’s ruined both opportunities.. no he’s got a stigma now we need to deal with that and understand
  4. Burger35

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This talk makes me laugh we are in the middle again who knows who would be available
  5. Burger35

    An Offseason Plan

    of Trent or Ryan can get me a 3rd or better I trade, honestly ( and that hurts) as as far as draft I believe in the mcclouglin way bpa, focus on defense and draft a qb to develop... forget injuries this this team doesn’t know personnel... we traded fuller and cut scandrick, then had a thin secondary... we gave sudfeld up and lost 3 qb’s and sudfeld comes in and does something .... for or me I just want a team with a qb jay is developing... bc that’s what jay was brought in here to do develop... so give me little , lodge, and love if I can get it... then a qb like Thorson after that...
  6. Burger35

    Retain Jay For 2019?

    Gm biggest issue... keep jay fire Bruce and get someone in here that can manage the team and little Danny.... new gm can pick a coach if he wants but truthfully I think we should be sniffing at Rex Ryan for d coordinator... living in ny as a skins fan I saw this guys defenses look like hound dogs... we do not look like hound dogs... I have said for us to hire Kelly from Notre Dame who’s a great coach however if they keep Bruce Allen I’m not sure if I have any fight in me...
  7. Burger35

    Our new coach

    So just want to start a thread seeing what replacements people had in mind if we got rid of jay... for me I go chip kelly... 1. he’s made a national championship and playoff with much tougher recruiting standards than the other top schools.. 2. Notre Dame always has higher drafted players that have been developed for the nfl game.. 3. He runs an offense very close to what nfl teams are tuning now. 4. Lastly he has 2 top coordinators that might leave this year unless he goes to the nfl and brings them along... just that would be my choice if jay goes (which he probably should) what do you you guys think?
  8. Burger35

    Terminate Manusky

    They all come back... if we retain jay (which I’m on the fence for). We need to pry Rex away from tv
  9. Burger35

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I’m just sick... was thinking the other day when we let Scott mcc go he turned a cheek and started his scouting.., the whole year he went on shows, radios praising baker saying he was underrated... then during the draft I see him in the “war room “ with Cleveland.. hindsight now they had one of the best drafts I’ve seen grabbing a difference maker at qb, rb, and cb... then i I start thinking of other talent we let walk away (mcvay, shanahan (Kyle)... our problem is is our front office starts with dan but also Brice Allen... he must go... I also remember a survey that was taken last year for agents and Bruce Allen was rated most unprepared and least trustworthy... i hust want want to be realeased of this nightmare... Scott’s firing was a power struggle that’s it.... Scott was drinking but they knew that just was a convenient excuse
  10. Burger35

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Eagles twice is the the key if we lose thanksgiving which I know we do we have to sweep the iggles
  11. Burger35

    Starting QB 2019???

    Stupid... chiefs also tossed Dorsey bc he didn’t manage the cap to re sign guys like Johnson, Tampa Hali and Charles most those guys are eating chips since that cut
  12. Burger35

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We need to go qb, corner, Ilb, or wr first round in this draft whatever is the best available... but keeping in mind we need to draft a qb we like at some point that can learn for a year or 2 behind the offense... the giants def regret not drafting a qb... I promise you..
  13. Burger35

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I always feel like all I input is Notre Dame stuff but I want to keep jay I feel the guys respond to him... what I would do if I were the skins is hire chip long the Irish OC... and do what mcvay did and hire a clock management guy like “ the anointed one” mcvay did...
  14. Burger35

    Can we stop pretending now?

    Reason I believe this was the case is when we were down we could never get a play to get back in... not killing Alex but he was methodical he’s great when you are up... but if your down by 10 the team is done... very sad.
  15. Burger35

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Posted this in another thread but with all these qb’s taken last year this would be our year to grab a guy we like that can sit... like finley, Thornton, and browning... if Patterson doesn’t go back would look at him as well... with this defensive line heavy draft I think we can sneak in..