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Terri Schiavo autopsy (merged).


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Glad to hear it. Especially happy for the husband, since as you pointed out this is one more accusation that can be thrown out.

I know it's a gross generalization, but does anyone remember when it was the left claiming "so and so said this or said that." The political correctness gone amuck was terrible. does it seem to anyone else that the Right has recently taken the tact of if we say it often enough, enough people might believe where there's smoke there's fire.

CLinton raped Clinton, Terry Shaivo was abused by her husband causing all the trauma that's why he wants her dead, Kerry had an affair... maybe it's just that the right wing blogs are getting picked up by mainstream media? No, that couldn't be; everybody knows the media is liberal.

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Or "Bush was drunk in the 80s, did Coke in the White House"

Or "Bush went AWOL"

Or "The Bush twins are alcoholics" (I believe this one though)

Both sides do it. It's just more prevalent now with a billion blog sites, a dozen 24-7 news channels, and media that admittedly is one sided on both sides.

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Schiavo autopsy finds no sign of trauma

LARGO, Florida (AP) -- Terri Schiavo did not suffer any trauma prior to her 1990 collapse and her brain was about half of normal size when she died, according to results released Wednesday of an autopsy conducted on the severely brain-damaged woman.

Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Jon Thogmartin concluded that there was no evidence of strangulation or other trauma leading to her collapse.

He also said she did not appear to have suffered a heart attack and there was no evidence that she was given harmful drugs or other substances prior to her death.

Autopsy results on the 41-year-old brain damaged woman were made public Wednesday, more than two months after Schiavo's death ended an internationally watched right-to-die battle that engulfed the courts, Congress and the White House and divided the country.

She died from dehydration, he said.

He said she would not have been able to eat or drink if she had been given food by mouth as her parents' requested.

"Removal of her feeding tube would have resulted in her death whether she was fed or hydrated by mouth or not," Thogmartin told reporters.

Thogmartin said that Schiavo's brain was about half of its expected size when she died March 31 in a Pinellas Park hospice, 13 days after her feeding tube was removed.

"The brain weighed 615 grams, roughly half of the expected weight of a human brain. ... This damage was irreversible, and no amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons."

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I specifically remember two posters here.

1. Saying about the Husband having a new girlfriend, but not mentioning it was Terri's parents who wanted him to find a companion. Even this was acknowledged in early court cases.

2. The one that said a Nurse claimed Mr. Shiavo was a jerk and has "Other Priorities" or something.

actually, it went like this.

Hes a sketchy figure....one of schiavos nurses said that he is a very mean man, and seems to have "other priorities".....also the allegations of abuse were rose years ago by the family, not just now....doesnt it seem plausible that Michael perhaps did contribute to Terri's current condition? also it has been reported in the past week that Terri has made SUBSTANTIAL progress...PROGRESS....my mom who works at a hospital said that this vegetable term doesnt apply, shes seen vegetable patients....Terri responds to stimulus in a much more responsive manner, she is NOT a vegetable, if she was she would hardly respond....THIS is why her family is so upset....also Terri can swallow now (reported a while back, just heard it last nite on tv) on her own, albeit not as efficiently as us but its progress.....why wont this HUSBAND let her family take care of HER!?!??!...its cuz theres something dark at work here, nothing can convince me otherwise....oh and to Terri's wishes, how bout Michael being quoted by his testimony that he "doesnt know what Terri would want"......personally i think the man is afraid that she will talk one day (she has made progress through vocal noises and such) by some miracle......its his agenda thats at work here, not Terri's and certainly not her REAL family's


What is funny but not surprising is that some of you blindly believe that liberal.

The ultimate in divorce, he gets the house she buys the farm then he burns the evidence.

I am being honest

I never hid the fact of having a moral foundation and being pro life unlike the morally challenged here I'm proud of that fact.

He had a new woamn in his life 9 months after the "accident."

And he loves her sooooooo much that he plans on cremating her against her parents wishes.

Yeah what a guy.


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BTW, ross3909,

Your talking points have expired, and need to be updated.

"Bush didn't lie" was last year's talking point.

Now, ever since the Downing Street memo, the new talking point is "That's old news. Everybody knew Bush was spinning the intel. Why are these liberals dredging up old news?"

If pressed on the subject, you're supposed to come back with "We won the election!" When your opponent looks confused by the comelete nonsense of this point, then you look smug, like you've just proven something.

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The Smoking Gun already has the report up. That was fast. They say the final cause of death is extreme dehydration, not starvation. Her brain was rougly half the size of a normal brain, she had no signs of a heart attack or any other kind of trauma (domestic violence, etcetera) and had extreme osteoporosis after years of being bed-ridden. Her backbone was soft to the touch.

The most important thing... there was no possibility of her brain injuries ever healing.


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only the same 10% brought up the: Abuse... the anything to stop this..

Mine was more of the" As a custodian you should have basic guidelines to follow and they should be reviewed after this case..

Muscle and hand/feet movement

teeth brushing

hair combing

the little things.....

the rest is mostly

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It also showed that she was blind, so all the people (including one Dr. Bill Frist) saying those videotapes showed she still reacted to outside stimuli were flat wrong.

I'm sure that Mr. Frist will be holding a press conference today to apologize to Terri's husband and to institute his new "hospital cam" technology, allowing him to diagnose people through the use of video.

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Apology to Michael Schiavo

I am a man and i will fess up to being wrong about him abusing his wife. Of course anything can and could have happened but all we have to go on is the autopsy and that shows no signs of abuse or tampering. I still dont agree with the way things were done, and do look down on Michael to an extent for that but nonetheless I was wrong to berate and accuse him without proof.


sorry, didnt see this thread started already:doh: need to do a better job of that

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I will have to show this to my wife. All the news opinion shows got my wife to believe Ms Shaivo was curable and alert. She really did not understand that it was a bull**** political move by members of congress.

I think the Judges that got defamed should sue for slander.

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Dont forget that all the people that said this was all her fault for her eating disorder.. I heard the guy said it was based on her potasium levels and those levels were affected by the fluids in ressucitation and there is currently nothing showing she had an eating disorder....

That whole blind following the balloon thing gets me... I could understand basic functions following balloon.. but not blind following the balloon... Its one heck of a coincidence if shes not really tracking that balloon...

Ohh and the broken bones was not due to therapy or the husband but Osteo pseurosis (sp) that is common with her condition.....

a riddle wrapped in an enigma...

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