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  1. GREAT RAW last night, I was definitely pleasantly surprised the entire show. So many great cameos! The Million Dollar Man bought himself a W !! hahaha, good stuff.
  2. Depends on who you talk to of course but in my honest opinion I am lovin what WWE is doing. Jericho, Edge, and Ric Flair just returned in the past month. They have two credible, young champs in Batista and Orton with three huge ppv's coming up - the Royal Rumble, a rumored #1 contenders Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out, and then of course the famed WrestleMania. It was pretty dry and lackluster earlier in the year (June-Sept) but right now I am really enjoying what they are putting together (Jericho v. Orton; Undertaker v. Batista v. Edge). :2cents:
  3. why is this labeled as a Read Me on the official Redskins messageboard? Were classier than this right?
  4. Seriously, those uni's were slick! We rode into the playoffs when we wore those back in 2005, I say lets bust'em out against Tampa. (if we cant at Tampa, then definitely against Buffalo). Personally, the white on white is my favorite color scheme. skins suddenly have the potential to go 6-0! :point2sky :bucsuck:
  5. My perty self:), its a bit old though and its one of the few pics i have
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