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  2. goskins10

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    C'mon all on both ends was mostly coach speak. My guess - and yes it's just a guess is he didn't dislike him as much as he said before the draft and he doesn't like him as much as he will say after the draft. Or he may have been standing on a table screaming he didn't want Haskins but got over-ruled. What is he supposed to do now? Pout? Say well I realy don;t this kid but I will do what I can? If nothing else Jay is a good soldier. And he will honestly work with Haskins the best he can. After sleeping on it I give them B- to a solid B Really not in love with a QB - any QB at 15. Haskins, Jones, Lock all have major flaws that will need to be developed out. They took the guy that at least so far has not demonstrated he can improvise. But we shall see. That may be able to be coached. If they stopped there the grade would be a D, maybe D-. The only thing keeping it from being an F is they did nto trade up for him. They let the draft come to them and took him at 15. Had they traded down and still got him - then this would be higher. But not always easy to trade down and the person trading with them may have taken Haskins - so I get staying at 15. But they recovered nicely with Sweat. For those saying it's just the Redskins staff saying he is Ok and the combine medicals were wrong, this was being published by independent sources early yesterday. While there is still EDGE rushers left, for there is a significant drop off after Sweat who talent wise could have easily been a top 10 picks. In fact if the Raider surprise had been Sweat at 4 people would have said it's maybe a little reach but could see the pick. Unlike Ferrell who really should have been middle of the 1st maybe even late 1st - but of course that depends on the picks in front. If 5 QBs get taken he goes later. To get him for a 2nd this yr and next is not bad.
  3. Question for the draft gurus out there-- If Sweat hadn't been misdiagnosed with a heart condition where would he likely have been taken? Was he top ten? Top five? Top twenty?
  4. stevemcqueen1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Don't think we'll have to, TBH. McLaurin is being projected into round 3, and Dixon is projected as a UDFA. Dixon was his favorite guy to my eye, and McLaurin is who he tended to throw to in tough situations when he needed a safety valve. Campbell is the spectacular big play guy with the highest ceiling, but he wasn't really a go-to option and I don't think he's an alpha receiver. I wouldn't jump back up for him. I would jump up for Metcalf or Butler, or I would sit tight in the third and let the draft come to me. I think there is a good chance that Deebo will be available at our first pick in that round.
  5. stevemcqueen1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Check the date on this post: I posted that at the time in response to Schefter floating it as a possibility in the wake of the video of Kliff Kingsbury banging the table for Kyler Murray at Texas Tech being dug up. Tytus Howard had a big combine and was being projected to the second round on Going in the late first isn't a crazy leap from there. Redskins fans turned on Haskins because Cooley trashed him. For some reason Cooley's opinions hold a lot of sway. It also isn't the first time in the past two drafts that a stud QB prospect dropped into teens behind a far less talented and accomplished QB, these things happen. And I believe you were projecting Haskins to be a third or fourth round pick last night. The Cutcliffe and Manning connection with Daniel Jones has been talked about for a long time, and at least as early as his bowl game Jones was considered a first round pick. LJ Collier was a good find though, I'm surprised you aren't talking about that one.
  6. Epochalypse

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    And Flowers. Don't you dare forget Flowers.
  7. Bacon

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    We did our thing yesterday and drafted two talented players at positions of need. It'll suck if they both prove to be failures in this league, but I can't blame the FO for making the moves they did.
  8. actorguy1

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Huh, I had 3 first round picks in my mock. Simmons, Abrams and Collier. I knew it all along!!
  9. Bacon

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    What stood out to me most was how vastly improved the acting was over Infinity War. Evans and ScarJo were waaaaaaay better here after sleepwalking through Infinity War. Ruffalo and RDJ put in some of their best work.
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  11. Darrell Green Fan

    Starting QB 2019???

    I'm not sure if you were serious, and my post is not related to their actual pick of Haskins, but not a chance Rosen's value was the 3rd pick in the draft. I agree with you. Haskins has been competing against top talent, he is already further along in his development than many rookie QBs despite only playing 1 season. He does not look like a rookie who will need a year of development to beat out the likes of Case Keenum and Colt McCoy but even if he does at least hope has been restored.
  12. FS#21

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I get the chills that Haskins will bust but oddly enough if he does it's not as bad as the last guy when he did and if he's actually good in the Pros that would be sensational. Love the Preston Smith Replacement.
  13. KDawg

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    It’s still refreshing to see that the Skins managed to go BPA style drafting (with weights) at both spots and they still managed to address needs. got more holes to fill, virtually everywhere (depth or starters) so I look forward to tonight
  14. I agree here...I mean if Haskins shows he still needs time in TC than case will start..but if Haskins shows even a little inkling of being ready he'll be the for sure stater.. Uhhh ya, **** Mara, if any team deserves that **** it's the Mara ran Giants!!

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

  16. FS#21

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Griffin sounds like a pyscho ex lover with his constant out of no where opinions on Redskins moves via Twitter. Latest is some blabber telling "them" to treat Haskins like he's worth it lol. CooCoo...CooCoo.
  17. abdcskins

    Random Thought Thread

    The Captive is a wack movie. Waste of time I will never get back.
  18. How many years did Haskins play at Ohio State? Again man...I put a like on this but wanted to say thanks for posting this..I completely agree.
  19. I haven't read this thread yet or much of the draft discussion on Haskins yet, but I had an interesting contrarian thought that I wanted to share. It may be a good thing that Daniel Snyder or Daniel Snyder's son already has a relationship with Dwayne Haskins! I know. You are having flashbacks of RGIII or Clinton Portis and think that entertaining that thought is crazy, but hear me out. One of the things that is really difficult to ascertain through combines, interviews with former team mates and coaches is who a person really is. Snyder knows. The chance of Haskins being a basket case or a bad guy is reduced. The chance that he's a lazy bum is reduced. The chance that he doesn't love the game or won't put in the work is reduced. They know him. They know who he is and what makes him tick. They have a feel for his personality in a way that few employers rolling the dice on a recruit can. That can be a great thing because you are not only hiring the athlete... you are hiring the man. So maybe this relationship instead of being a drag on the Redskins will be to their benefit. Maybe it offers them insight that other teams just don't have into his fire, temperament, etc. At least I hope so.
  20. He's a good QB, but still needs proper coaching and preparation at the NFL level. That won't come from Gruden. I wish there was more clarity on the role actually played by our assistants. Cavanaugh can develop a QB, but we've brought in Rattay, I guess, to lead that charge. I really wish we had hired Ken Zampese. Anyway, I think the kid needs to sit at least one full year before being put out there. With matadors at both RT and LG, I wouldn't dare risk this kid getting steamrolled and injured just for the sake of playing time. We'll see if Snyder is impatient and wants to get him on the field too soon (for marketing and seat-filling purposes) or if he's thinking long-term development.
  21. skinzplay

    Starting QB 2019???

    Colt starts, if that leg is alright.
  22. bakedtater1

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    So gruden is happy the skins got Haskins?..I thought him and other members on staff didn't want Haskins?
  23. bakedtater1

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

  24. bakedtater1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I completely agree here..if they know they were going qb want not invest in something the QB can throw to.
  25. Alllls good y'all...yep I knew Haskins was a skin when I seen that lady in the skins shirt and the boy in the jersey that was sitting around him when the camera would go to Haskins during picks..
  26. Looks like I went to bed to
  27. Thank you Mara and the midgets for the ridiculous reach of Jones letting the best QB in the class slip into our hands. With the super move up for Sweat, that was a brilliant first day among the jaw-dropping madness from other teams for the Redskins. Hail.
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