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Your Best Sean Taylor Nickname?


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I was reading a thread about Sean Taylor right after reading a thread about Taylor Jacobs, and I got momentarily confused when they both referred to the guys as "Taylor".

I figured it was a good time to see if anyone had a any suggestions for a nickname for Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor needs a money nickname for a money player.

ST? Pretty boring.

S-Tay? sounds goofy.

"SeanTay" is a girl's name.

Let's hear your best.

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For this year I'll be calling him "Rookie Boy".


Good Hit - "Tear him up Rookie Boy! Send him home to momma. Oh yea!"

Interception - "That's my Rookie Boy. #1 Draft pick baby!! Oh yea!"

Missed Tackle- "You gotta wrap Rookie Boy! Keep your head up. Whatta ya looking at the ground for!! Damnit!!" :coach:

Blown Coverage for a TD - "Who put that damn Rookie Boy on the field. DAMNIT!!"

(If you know me, that's just how I'll sound. I get a little excited)

I'm guessing I won't be saying too much of the latter 2.

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1)Ay yo, It's S-Dot-Taylor

Best hit the deck like a sailor

Competition is scareder

Repeat 1X

Competition is no, no NO!

2) With his visor, why not Darth Taylor? Similar sounding to Vader too. I think that might be best.

3) I had a pretty good one but it completely left my brain after my S dot Taylor fiasco. Dammit.

4) The Passion of the Taylor or the Taylor(for all the riders who've been riding for months now ;)

5) Son of Man

6) One-Hitter Quitter

7) Hitman

8) Man without a Face

9) The Mask

10) Godsmack 36(or whatever number he picks, think about that for a minute)

11) The Soldier--oh wait

12) The Chosen One--oops

13) The Prophet of Doom

14) El Busto(just kidding, no flames please)

15) Son of God

16) Son of the Suns(another Star Wars reference)

17) The Crucible

18) Box of Rocks(Wonderlic reference)

19) Corky Taylor(another)

20) Brainiac

21) Shockey's "Bubba"

22) Big Baby Jesus(some will get that)

23) Scourge of God

24) Hammer of God

25) Lord of the Air

26) Siva the Destroyer

27) The Doom of Men

28) Sean-36 the Widowmaker

29) A Man Apart

30) Judgment Day

31) Next Week or maybe "The First Face You See Next Tuesday"

32) Claritin(clears them sinuses right up)

33) Masked Avenger

34) Gangster #1

35) Ex-Lax(use your imagination for that one)

36) LSD(cuz you seein' things baby, after he hits you)

Oh I could keep going.

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Originally posted by poidog22

Let's see here....there's always the standard "T-bone".....


Sean " T -BONE " Taylor i like that better then mine :cool:

how about a poll after a few suggestions to see what the members of this forum like . 10,000 people could easily decide this question :rolleyes:

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