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  1. Yes Kia pays for the rental. In October when the sorrento had its first engine replacement they took a week before they even looked at it because they only had 2 mechanics assigned to do replacement engines only. Then another week waiting for an engine to be delivered to the dealership. They were doing about 7 engine replacements a month . Or so I was told. At that time I was given a rental and had it for 4 weeks. Not going to wait that long for a rental this time around. I Am Going to call corporate Monday morning to complain. I also have been getting letters f
  2. Yeah, I have a 2015 Sportage with like 71+ thousand on it with the same motor as the 13 Sorrento has. Waiting for it to blow up . Not looking forward to it but still waiting
  3. Thanks twa, Talked to dealership they confirmed verbally what you posted about the code but said they would have to verify it at their service center. Having car towed tomorrow morning. Looks likes another 2 months without the car. Drove it 5,000 miles. Motor just had its first oil change last week. ☹
  4. Have a 2013 kia sorento lx. Motor had 106,032 and locked up was completely replaced in October by Kia free of charge. I now have a new warranty on the motor. This morning it started to run roughly when driving. Check engine light has come on. I did a Diagnostic check and came up with these 2 codes P0019 and P1326 Looked up both codes are these expansive repairs ? Do you think that this could be covered under the new warranty that is on the motor now ?
  5. Rest in peace Neil One of my favorite drummers that I really enjoyed listening to
  6. I'd like to believe that maybe the poll takers just asked people to throw a dart at the map hanging on a wall.
  7. I'd rather eat Ellio's frozen pizza then Chuck E Cheese. Papa John's isn't that bad when comparing it to other local pizza chains. To me they are six of one and half dozen of the other. It's just pizza
  8. Had to have our dog of 15yrs, Capt Perky a schipperkee euthanized this evening. Perky's health has been declining for the past year. From bad lungs to his hips going out to eye sight and hearing. We did all we could to. He loved us and we loved him. Most wonderful Animal we have ever owned. Family is hurting tonight. We will miss him. RIP Captain Perky my friend
  9. Every time I hear that one of these rock stars die. I remember how old I really am getting. ☹ RIP Eddie Money like your music alot.
  10. I'll check that out, but I see it every day on 495 and 695 beltways. Multiple accidents every day because of people not paying attention , tailgating and other stupid things.
  11. I see this all the time . I really believe that people only care about themselves when in their car. I have been honked at for slowing down for a yellow light. Isn't that what your supposed to do? Prepare to stop. Lights gonna turn RED! Yesterday, my son and his girlfriend went up to Westminster, he had a meeting to attend, so she took the car to go up the street to Wawa to get a drink. The car breaks down in the right lane of a 2 lane left turn. The cars hood is up and flashers on and people still pulled up behind her and blew the horn at her. Not one person stopped and o
  12. your a mess Huey Happy Father's day stevenaa.
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