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  1. mark327

    Cutting the Cable cord

    I have not used kodi in a while since finding terrarium. Recently installed Cinema HD and have been really enjoying it.
  2. mark327

    To be a man

    Well we all know who that leaves out.
  3. mark327

    Random Thought Thread

    Not since my high school days.
  4. mark327

    Random Thought Thread

    Always heard but Never realized just how many Scams there are on Craigslist. Some of the stories these people use to try and get your money. Absolutely disgusting. '
  5. mark327

    Random Thought Thread

    TerrariumTV when working is great for the Firestick. I like it better then Kodi. YouTube has videos on how to download.
  6. mark327

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    First thing I going for is the tank, but I have a feeling that it isn't going to be like BF4 but will be better then BF1
  7. mark327

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I gonna get BFV but it won't be until around X-mas time .
  8. mark327

    What excuses this week?

    Just a heads up. This post should be in the stadium.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I will not be attending. My son and his girlfriend are going. Will be his first Redskins game without me. ? How fast they grow up
  10. I have not been to a Redskins game in a few years. My son has received 2 tickets for the Falcons game from his girlfriend without a parking pass. Are the grey lots cash lots . If not, where are there cash lots near the stadium? Thanks
  11. mark327

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    So, bringing this up again because since May 23 my Excursion has had 3 more plugs blow. One in July which was #4 $200. Then last weekend coming home from New Jersey #6 plug decided to blow out. Have that retapped/hellicoiled another $200. So you would think, hey couldn't happen again especially since I just got the truck back yesterday right! Nope I was wrong going again up to New Jersey and cross the Delaware memorial bridge 80 miles from home and POP!! #8 blew. Now after the second one I did some research and it is not uncommon for the Triton motor because of the aluminum heads, but I think I am the only one that has had 4 plugs blow out in less then 6 months. ? Thoughts and suggestions welcomed .
  12. mark327

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 & Battlefield 5 Thread

    For starters Tanks ,jeeps, BMPs, helicopters and jets You get to drive/fly them. Wreck havoc on everyone . You only need to be a passenger in the vehicle and you get assist kill points if a gunner gets a kill. Sit and do nothing and get points ! Can't beat that. Might have to dust off the ps4. I Haven't been on since cod ww2. Played the campaign and have not been on since. Damn that's almost been a year.?
  13. mark327

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    And the middle finger ! ? Woman wearing glasses upper left of pic
  14. mark327

    Random Thought Thread

    I think I might have reported a post or 2 by complete accident. I scroll on my phone with my thumb and minutes ago twice I hit the report thread thingy. I X'd out but. Not sure if it reported or not My apologies to those if I did.
  15. mark327

    Random Thought Thread

    See what happens when you jump to a conclusion