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  1. I believe that he was referring to the Skins wearing those uni's when Spurrier was Washington's head coach. I know we'd all like to block that out of our minds, but it is what it is.
  2. Those were my favorites as well...my fiancee got me a regulation 70th anniv. helmet for the trophy case in my Skins Shrine room....niiiiice.
  3. Stellar FBChick! A friend of mine plays football for a team down in the Roanoke/Salem area, (although I think her team is going through some ownership problems now and I don't think that they're fielding a team this year)...I've been to a couple of games, those chicks are pretty tough! My hat's off to you! :respect:
  4. I'm thinking someplace where they serve a lot of borscht.
  5. :rotflmao: Nobody knows more than me how lucky I am.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . to have the roofies to slip into her drink every night. :laugh: :jk:
  6. :laugh: What can I say...we're a damn good looking couple. :laugh: Here's another one for you from the Green Bay game this season. Note: The seats were incredible, we could see everything but the illegal motion penalty. :doh:
  7. Here's me and my girl in the Bahamas....ahhhh...good times.
  8. This is me hammered in a bar in Cabo San Lucas...not sure why this is the only pic I have on my computer, will try to post another one later!