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Bizaare Donald Duck photo


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Sorry, I know some people are easily upset, but those with imaginative senses of humor are not upset by that.

Clearly, neither bishtw nor I actually feel any attraction to children, but it's the absurd context and content of the jokes that MAKES THEM FUNNY.

I used to joke with my German-descended aunt(by marriage) that I wanted to cancel my industrial-sized oven order(this was when I was real young) referring to the Holocaust.

You ever watch the Chappelle Show or listen to Chris Rock? Man, you'd probably be offended by that too.

Ever heard a joke about Dahmer or Bundy? Ever heard a joke about anything that otherwise would be serious?

I'm sure you have and laughed, I hope you can learn to acquire a sense of humor on these types of things or life will be a lot more depressing and/or dull for you.

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A little rocking duck, that looks and smiles at the children ridding it. Cool.

A bunch of MJ's throwing in their 2 cents, funny.

A bunch of message boarders saying the MJ's are sicko's, typical.

If ANY of you thought about sex or regarded the picture in any way sexual when you saw it, you're the MJ's too. Shut your pieholes and laugh because it's YOUR interrpetation that you find offensive.

The Chappelle show, hell yeah!!! A black white supremacist? That's some funny stuff. R Kelly's gonna "piss on you", now we're talking.

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Originally posted by Funkyalligator

The design of the rocking duck is kind of weird...doesn't make sense of why they have the duck going down on the child....

That's my point.

Ask a child what they think about the duck and I doubt they'll say "holy crap, he's eatting that little girls box. Give me a quarter, I gotta ride that thing." Kids don't think like that, adults do.

That's all I'm saying. Funnier than the picture is people response to it.

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