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  1. Holy crap I’m adumbass and a day early
  2. Anyone getting the above stream to work?
  3. Legion has been fantastic. I hope they get a third season because it’s like watching twin peaks on ayahuasca
  4. Didn’t buzzfeed run a wacky story on Mifsud and his Russian girlfriend? She was pregnant with his child and he dissapeared?
  5. Great to see our govt working tip-top. Confidence in Mueller probe sky-high. Thats sarcasm. They are all just overt -wtf you gonna do. Russia, Rs even some dems
  6. I saw Maddow paralleling the DNC suit in 72 vs today. Have to admit shame on the dems for taking this damn long. I get that there has been much evidence since the Hillary hack but Christ. Grow a pair. Evidence has been out for well over a year. I’m not confident anything sticks here re:trump. His presidency is stained and forever will be, of course. The vast acceptance of his shameless **** cannot be relayed. It’s mind blowing to talk to people down here who shrug it off. Million dollar question. What next (assuming everything falls to pieces and Trump is indicted or
  7. This was Gus (yes after that gus) sweetest dog and chillest dude you’d ever come across. Only issue was he didn’t like small little humans. Every other being he was so damn chill with. Lost him in 2011. Lost a lot that year but gained Max that big donk in the pic above. He’s a healer (clearly black lab) but he’s got a story. He’s still healing my heart and is the silliest guy ever
  8. Ok if there’s any thread to get me out of lurk mode this is it. Im and non certified dog lover with two donkies that are my heart and soul. I will gladly house and care for any animal that is within my radius. Riggotoni those pugs man! Wow. Here’s my donks
  9. This guy is putting on a crazy show to get the attention of chief crazy. It’s a desperate ploy
  10. I can get on board with this. Love single malts. Laphroiag is fantastic for the price. Lagavullen and Oban are exquisite in my opinion. I love peaty scotch. It's tougher to drink that stuff here in the summer with temps near the 100s. A sweater bourbon does the trick rather well. Jeffersons is pretty good. I like larceny too. We we have a few distilleries down here making sorghum and rye. High wire is the name.
  11. Hoping that I'll be able to watch the game late night via Itunes. Just saw a quick commercial and scoped it out: http://search.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZContentLink.woa/wa/link?path=nfl
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